Events and Issues Related to Chiron’s Discovery

Introduction and Planetary Background

– Martin Lass © 2003

This article is the first in a series that explores the historical perspective of Chiron’s discovery–the lead up, the discovery and the aftermath–and it’s relevance to the major shift in the consciousness of Humanity during the latter part of the 20th century.

“Not only have the external relationships in the human world changed since the 1960s toward an increasing awareness of being connected with the environment in space and time, but so have the internal relationships of man with himself. The keen occupation with the phenomenon of human consciousness per se, the rising interest in a “humanistic” (that is, a non-reductionist) psychology, the techniques of a “holistic” medicine partly imported from other cultures—for example, acupuncture—the interest in non-dualistic Far-Eastern philosophies and exercises such as meditation and yoga, all this is but another important aspect of the metafluctuation which touched a large part of mankind at the beginning of the last third of this century.”

—Erich Jantsch,
Center for Research in Management of the University of California, Berkeley.
(Jantsch, Erich. The Self-organizing Universe. Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1980, p. 3.)

Our tale begins in 1952, when Chiron made its first opposition to Uranus in the 20th century; this was one of the longest hard-aspect relationships of Chiron and Uranus in the last two thousand years. The first instance took place in February 1952, the last in May 1989. There were altogether 41 occurrences as the two planets danced around this opposition over a period of 37 years, 32 occurrences being before Chiron’s discovery in 1977. 

During this same time, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto also made numerous hard aspects to Chiron, as well as to each other and Uranus, peaking in the 1960s. The combined effect was a social and cultural conflagration that brought to light many issues that prepared us and set the scene for the discovery of Chiron. Let’s look at some of these planetary aspects.

Uranus’s Role

Due to the aforementioned proliferation of Chiron/Uranus oppositions, Uranus was the major force in awakening us to the existence of Chiron and in providing a new astrological factor for us to work with. In short, Uranus shines a bright light upon our issues and Wounds (Chiron), making it extremely difficult for us to ignore, bury or escape from these.

Appropriately, many persons with this aspect prominent in their natal charts are either Healers or they are involved in Healing in some way, directly or indirectly. 

From a global perspective, the aforementioned oppositions (combined with an unprecedented number of other major outer planet aspects during these years) gradually awakened us to Chiron’s existence and to the nature of its influences and messages. Its influences became increasingly difficult to ignore and its manifestations increasingly acute, as witnessed in the global events of these years. It became inevitable and ultimately necessary for Chiron to be discovered, if only to ‘explain’ what was going on in the world and in our personal lives.

Saturn’s Role

The first opposition of Uranus and Chiron in February 1952 was closely followed by Saturn squaring Chiron, only a month later. Prior to this, Saturn and Chiron had been squaring each other on and off since 1935. There were 21 squares during this period, with the two planets being within loose orb most of the time.

This square represented the establishment inasmuch as it was reflected in the building up of material protection against our Woundedness and unresolved issues. (National borders are global examples of such material protection. However, the Chiron/Saturn square simultaneously challenges such borders and is reflected in border disputes and incursions, such as we saw in WWII.) 

Saturn’s role, as ever, is to force us to stop and take stock of ourselves-in particular to take stock of long-standing issues that are begging for resolution. It brings these issues to our attention, but does not necessarily facilitate their immediate resolution, particularly in a square aspect. Bearing this in mind, the Chiron/Saturn square represented a repression of establishment issues until Uranus came along in 1952 and shone a light upon our collective inner darkness and helped break down the repression. (The Chiron/Pluto conjunction of 1941 also played a part in this breakdown. However, Pluto offered no Healing path-just an exacerbation of long-standing issues, expressed through WWII.) Long-standing unresolved issues were finally brought into the light-the repressed, unacknowledged, denied, disowned, ignored, unseen or otherwise negatively judged aspects of our lives, personally and collectively. 

In the short-term picture, Wounds and issues from WWII were high on the agenda. The so-called ‘Baby Boomer’ years were a reaction to these Wounds and issues. Still clinging to Saturn and in an effort to avoid, ignore or escape from these Wounds and issues, people’s energy and attention were focused on bearing and raising children and on assuring material security and prosperity. Saturn also ruled the Cold War during these years, although things became more Plutonian during the sixties. Chironic Healing of the Wounds and issues of the parents of this generation would begin in earnest with their children-in particular, with those born between 1952 and 1989. 

In the long-term picture, the years 1952 to 1989 represented a time when Humanity began moving back toward spiritual matters after a five-hundred-year love affair with materiality, science and the intellect.The impelling factors were Saturn and Uranus in aspect to Chiron: Uranus took our attention away from the Saturnian, material, practical, pragmatic and visible world by shining a light on our unresolved and unHealed Wounds and issues (Chiron) while Saturn made us sit down and take stock of these. 

Saturn’s influence peaked in 1966 when it conjuncted Chiron. The mid-1960s were the height of the ferment and turmoil-a “metafluctuation” (Jantsch-opening quote) of society, personally and collectively-that brought Chiron’s influence to the fore, paving the way for its discovery in 1977. By the time Chiron was discovered, its messages were already well established within the collective consciousness. Chiron’s discovery gave us the frame of reference, the ideas and the concepts with which to explain what we had been going through. 

The Saturn/Chiron conjunction in Pisces in 1966 said to us that we are individually responsible and accountable for our Wounds and issues. Moreover, the Healing journey requires effort, seriousness, resolve, discipline and humility. It also requires that we give up our attachment to being victims. The Chiron/Saturn conjunction says there are no victims, only lessons of love. It also says that Healing means giving up our self-imposed boundaries, distinctions, judgments, separateness and aloneness. It means bringing the diffuse and myriad aspects of our consciousness-our polarized and compartmentalized emotions and thoughts-into the focus and unity of love.

Pluto’s Role

The next relevant aspect of this time period was the opposition of Pluto and Chiron, occurring eleven times between 1961 and 1965. More than any other, this aspect reflected the turmoil of the 1960s. It also had strong associations with the space race. One of the two most important fulcrum points in the discovery of Chiron was when Humanity put the first man into space in 1961 (the other being the approval for the “Star Trek” television series in 1966). Two facts are relevant to our exploration of the Chiron/Pluto oppositions: 1) Chiron played an important role in Pluto’s birth chart (February 18, 1930, Flagstaff, AZ) and 2) Chiron and Pluto conjuncted in July 1941, in the midst of WWII.

In Pluto’s birth chart, Chiron occults (loose conjunction and tight parallel) the North Node in Taurus: Pluto’s life’s path is to bring the intangible into tangible manifestation, to bring what is in the dark into the light, to show that where there is loss and destruction there is also gain and birth, but in new forms. These realizations are part of the Healing journey. 

Regarding the Chiron/Pluto conjunction of 1941, the revolutionary and destructive power of Pluto was channeledinto deep Wounds during this time-Wounds that were inaccessible without knowledge of Chiron’s existence. This was best personified in the plight of the Jewishpeople during this time. (Although the Healing of these Wounds will take many generations, it is now made possible though our awareness and knowledge of Chiron.) 

The Chiron/Pluto oppositions of the 1960s brought the unHealed Wounds and unresolved issues of WWII (that occurred during the last Chiron/Pluto conjunction in 1941) to the fore. The form these issues took in the 1960s was different from the forms in WWII, but the essence was the same. The Korean and Vietnam Warswere examples of the re-emergence of the Wounds of WWII inasmuch as each was an example of one country attempting to annex another. 

Interestingly, the Chiron/Pluto conjunction of December 30, 1999 (being the end of one Chiron/Pluto cycle and the beginning of another) was the beginning of new and escalating conflicts in the Middle East (Israel and Palestine) and of a resurgence of worldwide terrorism. Once again, Humanity has been given an opportunity to deal with its residual Wounds and issues. 

In a sense, Pluto’s role in the discovery of Chiron was to shake Chiron out its millennia-old sleepy state and to encourage its Kuiperbrother to get out there and start making waves, fulfilling the mission for which it came. If Uranus shone the light, then Pluto was the catalyst that activated Chiron. Together, Pluto and Chiron activated the eons-old Wounds of Humanity, inspiring yet another quantum leap search for meaning, connectedness, divinity and Healing. The so-called New Age movement, birthed in the 1960s, is perhaps the most striking example of the result of this activation. 

Not only this, but persons born with the Chiron/Pluto oppositions in their natal charts-in the first half of the 1960s-will represent a force majeur in the new millennium. On the one hand there are some extraordinary Healers, shakers and movers; on the other, there are some extremely violent, destructive and powerfully negative people.

Uranus’s Role

Neptune’s main influence in the Chiron saga took place between May 1963 and January 1968 when it trined Chiron eleven times. Perhaps the most obvious expressions of this aspect were the hippie culture, the flower children and the catch-cry “make love, not war.” Love was touted as the answer to everything. “All the world needs now is love, sweet love,” they sang. There was a great truth encapsulated in their messages. Neptune’s highest message is, indeed, that love is the answer to all questions. In short, Saturn represents dualities, polarities and contradictions (emotions and thoughts), Chiron represents finding the balancing sides to these, Uranus represents the resolving/dissolving of the two sides into unity, balance and concordance (a higher understanding/logic) and Neptune represents the resultant opening of the heart, when the earthly mind finally becomes quiet.

The Neptunian wish for a more spiritual, peaceful, loving and harmonious world where the world might live as one was the simultaneous attempt to escape from the Wounds of the material condition and to Heal our Wounds and issues. The material world, the scientific method and the establishment-economically, socially and politically-were condemned. The role of the individual was repressed and the role of the collective was expressed. Humanity banded together in the wake of Wounds they could not individually deal with. 

The Neptune/Chiron trine inspired a wish to break through to a new level of consciousness, unbounded by mundane rational thought. This was reflected in the escalation of psychedelic druguse and in the explosion of creativity that we saw in the 1960s-particularly in music. So many musicians seemed almost divinely connected to the Muses during this time. 

The Healing power of Chiron-trine-Neptune lies in it conferring the ability to help us make quantum leaps of consciousness-intuitively, psychically and mystically. Neptune activates the divinatory powers of Chiron. In the 1960s, we caught a glimpse of the future of Humanity. However, in order to achieve our future, we were given the task of making our revelations practical, workable and financially viable. The subsequent mass-market turn of the New Age reflects these requirements. 

In July 1989 until May 1990, several months after the last Chiron/Uranus opposition, Neptune went into opposition with Chiron (three exact hits). (See Chart 1-CHIRON/NEPTUNE OPPOSITION 1989.)From here, Chiron was on it own, so to speak. It was well and truly established in astrological circles, it influence and messages being brought into conscious awareness by the many astrologers working with it. 

This final opposition of Chiron and Neptune reflected Chiron’s essential message: the way to Healing lies through the Wound, not around it. We Heal by loving the Wounds and their associated issues-by dissolving our judgments around them. 


Chiron and Neptune shake hands, so to speak, Chiron’s initiation into the mysteries of conscious planethood complete.

Chiron opp Neptune 1989 – Natal Chart
Jul 18 1989, 7:36 pm, BST -1:00
London England, 51°N30′, 000°W10′
Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
Koch Houses, True Node

Once we were aware of Chiron and its messages, Neptune could then step back, taking away the training wheels, so to speak. We could then interact directly with Chiron for the Healing of our Wounds and issues. 

So, if Uranus’s role was to shine a light into our Woundedness, Saturn’s role to impel us to take stock of ourselves and to take responsibility for our Woundedness, Pluto’s role to be a catalyst to begin a new wave of Healing and introspection, then Neptune’s role was to attract us to the Healing path with the promise of a return to oneness, spirit and unconditional love.

The Sun’s Role

We could not leave out the major influence of the Sun during this time. In short, in 1946 and 1957, the Sun experienced its largest solar maximums in recorded history. (And the next solar maximum occurred in the crucial year of 1968.) Solar maximums occur every 11 years (the so-called sunspot cycle). The peaks of the cycle have been variously linked to weather patterns, power outages, computer failures, communications difficulties, psychiatric episode increases, climatic changes and increases in the evolutionary pace of humans, both physically and culturally.

Moreover, this period was also the peak of a larger 500-year cycle. The last trough of the 500-year cycle occurred between 1645 and 1715 (called the Maunder minimum), after which sunspot activity began to increase again. 

The upshot of this, when viewed against the background of the confluence of outer planet aspects, was that the period between 1952 and 1989 represented the fulcrum point in a major evolutionary movement of consciousness. In astrological and metaphysical terms, increased solar activity represents a call to action-a confront and a challenge to our comfortable illusions, a bright light shining into our darknesses and a wake-up call to our sleeping spirit. This 500-year peak certainly contributed to the discovery of Chiron. This will become even more evident when we discuss Chiron’s perihelion and aphelion.

A Menagerie of Planets

The wild dance of the outer planets and Chiron during these crucial years traces a chronology of awakening to, activation of and culmination in, the discovery of Chiron. Aside from interacting with Chiron during these crucial years, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto interacted with each other to an unprecedented degree. Let’s briefly explore these interactions and their relation to Chiron . . .

  • 1950 – 1956 – Neptune sextiled Pluto. Interestingly, this sextile is the only major aspect of Neptune and Pluto between 1892 and 2061.
    • Represents an open channel of energy/communication. The first in a series of Neptune/Pluto sextiles that were part of an ongoing linkage of sextiles between the outer planets. This linkage was only broken between Saturn and Uranus, highlighting the call to Chiron to span the gap, so to speak.
  • April 1952 – Saturn squared Uranus (only two months after the first Chiron/Uranus opposition) (Note: the square often requires ‘outside’ help in order to break down the impasse.)
    • Inferred the necessity of a bridge between these planets.
    • Uranus was challenging the Saturnian ‘old guard’.
    • Uranus shone a light on Chiron (opposition aspect) while Saturn tried to block it (square).
    • The mediating force would be Chiron, assisted by Pluto, culminating in 1977 with the discovery of Chiron (only months after the next time Saturn and Uranus squared each other).
  • November 1952 – July 1953 – Saturn conjuncted Neptune.
    • Occurred in the midst of the first Uranus/Chiron oppositions and Uranus/Saturn squares.
    • Three considerations:
      • Saturn’s restriction and inhibition of Neptunian energies was a call to Chiron to bridge the gap.
      • Access to Neptune (via Chiron and Uranus) requires Saturnian seriousness, personal responsibility and hard work, bringing us, in turn, to Chiron. Working with Chiron, the door to Uranus and Neptune opens.
      • This conjunction gave us a taste of an inner connection to spirit that was ‘missing’ in our lives during the post-war years of exterior-based, outmoded and empty religioustraditions and rituals.
  • November 1952 – August 1953 – Saturn sextiledPluto.
    • Allowed Saturn and Pluto to freely converse, so to speak. With the lines of communication open, the intervening planets were also illuminated.
    • Again, there is the hint of a bridge between the inner and outer planets. In the midst of outer planet blockages, obstacles and confrontation (other aspects), this sextile appealed to Chiron to help complete the bridge.
  • April 1965 – January 1967 – Saturn opposed Uranus five times.
    • Added power to the fulcrum point of 1966.
    • Mirrored ongoing confrontation between the hardened and inflexible paradigms of the establishmentand the groundbreaking, unexpected, fresh, eccentric revelations of the dawning new age. (Pluto certainly played a part in this, too.)
  • April 1965 – February 1966 – Saturn opposed Pluto.
    • A fulcrum/focal point in the discovery of Chiron, culminating in the inception of the “Star Trek” television series (discussed in depth in an article at
    • Brought to light the Wound of our separateness from the outer planets.
    • Mirrored our separateness from the greater consciousness of the solar system, the galaxy, our divinity and our higher spiritual functions.
    • Other considerations:
      • Our Wounds drive us toward our Healing and evolution of consciousness.
      • Consider that the gradual expansion of our consciousness consists of encompassing ever-wider planetary orbits, all the way to the solar magnetopause. Thus:
      • The innate need for a personal connection to our divine source, not having been addressed by the industrial revolution, drove us toward the stars, on one hand, and toward the microscopic origins of matter on the other.
      • The space racethroughout the 1960s was an outward expression of the inner urge for expansion/evolution of consciousness.
  • October 1965 – June 1966 – Uranus conjuncted Pluto. (During this time, Chiron opposed each of these planets at different times.)
    • Again, 1966 was one of the climaxes in the symphony of the discovery of Chiron.
    • The combined power of Uranus and Pluto is unparalleled in terms of its awakening and revolutionizing effect.
    • Uranus shines a bright light, illuminating the big picture, while Pluto turns the world upside-down, wiping away static and dead forms.
    • Pluto is about the transformation of consciousness; Uranus is about elevating consciousness to new heights; both are about the evolution of consciousness.
    • During this time, the Pluto/Chiron opposition stirred up the deepest Wounds while Uranus shone a light upon these exposed Wounds.
    • Challenged to the limit, Humanity called out for assistance. Chiron, stirring from its eon-long slumber, answered.
    • The Virgo placement of Uranus and Pluto indicates that the primary issue being illuminated was Healing.
    • Marks the beginning of a revolution that birthed the alternative health, healing and medicinemovement and the beginning of the so-called New Age.
    • With Chiron in Pisces, the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo illuminated Wounds of separation from divinity, oneness and love. It illuminated feelings of being a victim in a cold and uncaring world. Such Wounds are a feature of the incarnation process itself. Such Wounds inspire the wish for a return to oneness-for a rejoining with the greater cosmos. Again, this was expressed in the acceleration of the development of space travel. Our true home, astronomically and metaphysically, is the greater cosmos, beyond the confines of our Earth-bound consciousness, ultimately beyond the boundaries of the solar system.
    • The three main themes were set: Healing, consciousness and evolution. The evolutionary journey is the Healing journey. And the Healing journey is a journey of consciousness, reflected in the material hologram. 
  • September 1966 – May 1968 – Uranus sextiled Neptune.
    • Note: Uranus’s higher octave represents the Soul’s Message and Neptune’s, the Soul’s Vision[1]. Taken together, they reveal the Divine Design of the Soul[1] (holographically residing at the magnetopause of the solar system) transmitted to the higher Self (the human half of the centaur) on its journey through the planets. Thus:
    • Saturn-opposition-Uranus during the first part of this sextile mirrored resistance to hearing the messages of the Soul-the resistance of the establishment,the status quo and of consensus reality.
    • However, this sextile overcame Saturn’s opposition, paving the way for the receipt of the Chiron Paradigm by Humanity’s collective consciousness/Soul.
  • 1976 – 1979 – Neptune sextiled Pluto.
    • Represents an open channel of energy/communication. The second in a series of Neptune/Pluto sextiles that were part of an ongoing linkage of sextiles between the outer planets. This linkage was only broken between Saturn and Uranus, highlighting the call to Chiron to span the gap, so to speak.
  • January 1977 – May 1977 – Saturn sextiled Pluto again, while Saturn trined Neptune.
    • The channel between the inner planets (summed up in Saturn) and the outer planets (championed by Pluto) was open again. (Chiron was discovered only months later.)  
  • Early 1977 – Saturn trined Neptune.
    • Augured the discovery of Chiron.
    • The inner work undertaken and under way, the channels were open for a bridge to be discovered between the inner and outer planets, in this case represented by Saturn and Neptune, respectively.
  • 1980 – 1986 – Neptune sextiled Pluto.
    • Represents an open channel of energy/communication. The third in a series of Neptune/Pluto sextiles that were part of an ongoing linkage of sextiles between the outer planets. This linkage was only broken between Saturn and Uranus, highlighting the call to Chiron to span the gap, so to speak. The Saturn/Uranus conjunction of 1988 later completed the linkage between the inner and outer planets.
    • The importance of Pluto in all this lies in its connections beyond the solar system-in its connections to galactic consciousness, from which all true knowledge, wisdom, light and love come.
  • 1988 – Saturn conjuncted Uranus (a year before the final Chiron/Uranus opposition and Chiron/Neptune opposition)
    • Represented a culmination: the bridge between Saturn and Uranus (and between the inner and the outer planets) was complete.
  • March 4 1989 – Saturn conjuncted Neptune again, affirming the Rainbow Bridge.
    • Chiron had been discovered and Uranus and Neptune were about to take leave of Chiron.
    • The birth process and early childhood of Chiron was complete, as was the bridge between the inner and the outer planets.
    • Our longing for a personal reconnection to divinity and oneness, inspired by the Saturn/Neptune conjunction, could now be alleviated simply by walking the Healing path, as set out by Chiron.
  • May 1989 – Saturn sextiled Pluto again, during a Saturn/Neptune conjunction.
    • The channel between inner and outer planets was open again, celebrating of the completion of the Chiron bridge-the so-called Rainbow Bridge.
  • May 5 1989 – Mars conjuncted Chiron, giving an extra impulse to get on with its task now. 
  • May 18 1989 – Chiron opposed Uranus for the final time, a kind of farewell salute. (See Chart 2-LAST CHIRON/URANUS OPPOSITION.) Chiron was on its own now. 


By the time this last opposition of Chiron and Uranus occurred in the 20th century, Chiron was well and truly established and ready to ‘go it alone’. Its themes and messages had been defined to an acceptable degree and its place in the pantheon of planets assured.

Last Chiron/Uranus opposition – Natal Chart
May 18 1989, 6:15 am, PST +8:00
Los Angeles CA USA, 34°N00′, 118°W10′
Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
Koch Houses, True Node

  • June 1989 – Saturn conjuncted Neptune again, again affirming the Rainbow Bridge. 
  • July 12 1989 – Chiron opposed Saturn, Saturn impelling Chiron to take the reins, so to speak. (See Chart 3-CHIRON/SATURN OPPOSITION 1989.) 


This opposition represents a parting salute between Chiron and Saturn, Chiron now fully activated as a multi-dimensional bridge between the inner and outer planets.

Chiron opp Saturn 1989 – Natal Chart
Jul 12 1989, 2:58 am, BST -1:00
London England, 51°N30′, 000°W10′
Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
Koch Houses, True Node

  • July 18 1989 – Chiron opposed Neptune, Neptune now taking a loving but firm leave of Chiron. (See Chart 4-CHIRON/NEPTUNE OPPOSITION 1989.) 


Chiron and Neptune shake hands, so to speak, Chiron’s initiation into the mysteries of conscious planethood complete.

Chiron opp Neptune 1989 – Natal Chart
Jul 18 1989, 7:36 pm, BST -1:00
London England, 51°N30′, 000°W10′
Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
Koch Houses, True Node

  • August 6 1989 – mid 1990 – Chiron trined Pluto, the two resonating in a newfound kinship, Chiron supported by its Kuiper brother.
    • The channel for extra-solar influences remained open, feeding Chiron and encouraging us all to seek the light of greater consciousness by walking toward Pluto through the doorway of Chiron (the Wound).
  • November 27 1989 – Pluto conjuncted Mars while both trined Chiron. (See Chart 5-NOVEMBER 1989.)
    • This was like a final burst of cosmic energy, after which Chiron was a fully initiated member of the planetary club.


Chiron trines Pluto and Mars. This represents Chiron’s final initiation and activation before being left to its own devices, so to speak. Its mission was laid out, its themes and messages defined and its role as a bridge between the inner and outer planets fully in place.

November 1989 – Natal Chart
Nov 27 1989, 10:16 am, PST +8:00
Los Angeles CA USA, 34°N00′, 118°W10′
Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
Koch Houses, True Node

  • After 1989 – Uranus left Chiron on its own.
    • Chiron was a fully-fledged planet, in full view of our collective consciousness.
    • Our further task: to make sense of Chiron’s messages and to thus further our Healing and evolution of consciousness.

The Dynamic Picture (1952-1989)

From all that we have explored, we can now see that the focal dates for the entire symphony of Chiron’s discovery were 1952, 1957, 1961, 1966, 1968 (and the 1960s in general), 1977 and 1989. The year 1952 was the exposition, introducing the main themes. The 1960s were when the major work was done, the themes developed in a complex counterpoint and climaxing in 1961 and 1966. The year 1977 was the actual discovery, the main themes now clear and in the tonic key, so to speak. Finally, 1989 was the coda and the final cadence.

To bring the preceding dynamic picture alive, one necessarily needs to give it context by examining specific events and issues during the years 1952-1989. The following articles deal with such events and issues. 

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