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War, Evolution and Pluto
Martin Lass ©1995

A History of War

Humanity has an insane preoccupation with war. History, as told by humanity itself, is the history of war. Its most noble, memorable, devastating and painful moments are of war. The amount of effort, thought, time and money spent on war throughout history is unparalleled by any other pursuit. The question of why humanity seems unable to stop war is an age-old question. Before the question of stopping war can be approached, however, we need to understand why it occurs in the first place. This is also a question that has been explored for centuries. Let's ponder this for a moment, using planetary influences and understandings as a guide.

The influence of Pluto, hidden until its relatively recent discovery, has always created a great challenge for humanity. That challenge is the challenge of CHANGE. The universe is ever in motion, ever in Life, ever in Death. Nothing remains static. All things, seen from our linear time-perspective, have a birth, a growth, a maturity, a decay and a death.

Pluto facilitates the process of death and rebirth in this solar system. The trouble is, where humanity is concerned, death—change—does not come easily. We resist, we are in fear, we hold on to the past—it's safe, it's known, it's comfortable.

However, when we resist change, change does not stop. The laws of the universe dictate that change must occur after a certain time. This is where Pluto steps into our lives in a seemingly destructive way.

Pluto's energy and purpose are not intrinsically destructive—Pluto merely sees to it that the inevitable processes of death and rebirth continue—death of the old and the out-moded to make room for the birth of the new. It is humanity's resistance to change that creates the negative results—more pain, more death, more destruction—war is one of the end results. How this is so is not necessarily such a simple question.

Resistance to Change

When we resist change—out of fear usually—we are generally holding on to the past. We opt for the comfort of that which we have known, no matter how painful a situation might have become. The Moon, on the lower octave of manifestation, dictates how each of us avoids, escapes, seeks comfort and safety and how we resist. The pain of a current situation is a sure indicator that change is necessary. When we resist change, we are opting for unconsciousness—we don't want to know about change. We wish it would go away—we opt for 'sleep' in the face of change.

When many of us are all doing this collectively, we are, unconsciously, fertilising the soil for Darkness to proliferate. The proliferation of Darkness leads to the proliferation and growth of individuals who seek power and control of others by any means. By neglecting the responsibility of accepting change in our lives, we set the scene for others to step in and control us. In fact, humanity has generally opted to be controlled by others throughout history. Humanity generally neglects its possibility of consciously intending and pursuing its own spiritual evolution.

The current Bosnian war is no different from every other war in history—the perpetrators have all had supposedly good reasons—only the technology of killing has changed. So what happens when a subgroup of humanity takes up arms aggressively against others for whatever reason? What if no one resists? Disaster, of course—take Sadam Hussein or Hitler—the rest of humanity was given no choice but to take up arms against the aggressor.

The Seeds of War are in Us

War cannot end until the insanity of that part of humanity which takes up arms aggressively against others is cured. And we all have such a part in us. Every single one of use, without exception, has the seeds of war within us. If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that we have violent thoughts sometimes, even if we never act on them. This is Mars working on its lower octave. We are all, in one form or another, aggressors against others. We are all doing battle, in one form or another, for other peoples' energy. Recently published book, "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield, describes in great detail the different ways in which we do this.

The insanity of conflict says to the aggressor that there is excellent justification for aggression. So often it is justified as a kind of 'defence' or as a 'taking back what is rightfully ours'—possession, property, ownership. Or we have been wronged by someone else and they deserve to be punished.

Emotional Deficit

That which happens in the kindergarten classroom is the same as that which happens between the governments of countries. The origins are the same. The only differences are scale and sophistication. Simply put, none of us have obtained all that we needed in childhood in terms of love, emotional nurturing, and a balanced spiritual education. Life very soon becomes a battle in an attempt to get these missed ingredients. This happens unconsciously and by imitation of our parents and adults around us. We learn psychological power-plays with our parents, our siblings, our classmates, our teachers—and they oblige by doing the same.

These mechanisms, if not consciously corrected and healed, are passed on to the next generation by psychological heredity. Finding only poor substitutes for the love, nurturing and energy that we need, we learn to justify taking from others as we can. The ways in which we justify this, when we begin to look honestly and courageously at it, are quite shocking. Life becomes a bargaining and vying for each others' energy. The entire question of "co-dependency" is an intrinsic part of this process.

What we manage to get, no matter how unsatisfactory from a real point of view, we then hang on to for dear life. Nobody is going to take it away from us. We will stop, hurt, avenge, retaliate against anyone who tries. It is short step from this kind of personal power-play that occurs in the kindergarten classroom to the world of adults fighting each other with words, money, law or weapons. Only, the weapons of adults are designed to kill.

How Will We Heal?

Where will we find what we really need? Where will we find the love, emotional nurturing and healing that our souls so deeply crave? We are not taught where or how to look for these things. We are not taught to look within for the answers. We are not shown the process of self-knowledge that allows us to access as much nurturing, healing and energy as we need and more. This same process would similtaneously raise our consciousness and activate our spiritual evolution.

The planet (comet), Chiron, if allowed to help us, can show the us way to this healing and evolution. Then Pluto becomes a force for transcendence, not destruction. For this, we need the courage and sincere impulse to face our inner predicament.

The Chains of our Woundedness

If we cannot muster up the courage and impulse, however, we are held in the chains of our past, our pain and our wounds, gradually becoming less inclined to delve into it all. Chiron operates on the lower octave, then. It becomes easier and less painful to ignore it all—to bear a seemingly smaller amount of unavoidable pain in the interests of comfort and security.

Something gradually dies inside—becomes more complacent, more easily controlled by manipulative forces from the outside, more apathetic, less conscious, more hypnotised, more insane.

We are taught to seek out our happiness and our peace by getting on in the world—by making our external existence more comfortable, more secure, more abundant. And when we seem to have found a more or less comfortable niche for ourselves, we dig ourselves in, building fortresses against change, building buffer zones against the fear of the unknown.

Pluto energy, not able to get through to us consciously, then acts through different channels. Change is manifested from without—and in a dramatic way. Dark individuals are then able to access Pluto energy for their deviant means. They themselves become the agents—also, in a sense, the pawns—for the violent administration of Pluto energy. This is in accordance with the cosmic law of inevitable change. The result is death, destruction, loss of individual freedom, radical change in any and all spheres of life... and war.

The Collective Level of Consciousness of Humanity

War itself is not the problem. It is the general level of the consciousness of humanity—that which is still able to justify aggression.

War cannot be stopped by force, either. Peace-keeping forces such as NATO are not the answer—they are just temporary measures. The relative insanity, unconsciousness and hypnotism of the general populous is what allows those who are also insane but power-hungry to get into positions of power where they can then have access to the machinery of war.

If the general populous were more conscious, less hypnotised and more sane they would be able to sense the level and intention of such power-hungry beings and would never give them the power they wish for. Neither would they fall prey to the propaganda and twisted arguments that these beings use for gaining the sway of the general populous. The fact that the most devious, the most crooked, the most unrepentant, the most criminal people are just those that end up ruling countries and creating wars attests NOT so much to the level of their twisted ingenuity. It attests more to the fact that the general populous IS relatively unconscious, hypnotised and insane.

With that, too, goes apathy, 'sleep', wishing to be led and not wishing to take responsibility. It is too difficult and it is too painful. Until people begin to confront their own spiritual level, their inner pain, their avoidance, their spiritual laziness, etcetera, war will remain a fact of human existence. Neglect of our individual inner spiritual level contributes more than we suspect to the global events that befall humanity.

Looking Within & Helping Ourselves

We need to look within for love, nurturing, healing and energy. Each of us has the potential to tap into the unlimited Love and Energy of the universe, because, in reality, we are One with it. For peace to be possible, we must each do our bit. Each one of us, individually, can only help ourselves.

However, as we help ourselves, we add to the spiritual level of the Oversoul of humanity—a little more Light, a little more consciousness,  a little more possibility—then it becomes more possible for others to follow. This would be using Pluto energy in a positive way; we would then become channels for the higher octave of Pluto.

The more Pluto can come into the Earth sphere on this higher octave, the less it will need to manifest on the lower octave—the octave of war and destruction. It is a question of accepting personal responsibility for inner change. We need to have the courage to face change—to face our pain, our wounds, our failings, our neglects.

Demonstrations, protests, green movements, lobby groups, etcetera, are only symptoms and side-effects of the state of the world in change—Mars on the lower octave—they are mechanical, not conscious. They illustrate the mistaken belief that we can change things outside of ourselves. They illustrate the human tendency to try to correct things outside of ourselves, forgetting or neglecting the need to make these same efforts on ourselves.

In addition , humanity is hypnotised, individually and collectively, into thinking that it is are already sane and spiritually advanced inside and that it is the rest of unnamed humanity that is to blame for all the problems. Having said this, however, these kind of activist movements can be the guage of the general raising of consciousness going on at a given moment in history. However, the actual raising of consciousness comes only from individual efforts towards Spirit and Light. As we Heal ourselves, the world Heals.

Making a Choice

Will our spiritual evolution be quick enough to save us, though? Will the forces of consciousness and Light be able to overcome the Darkness? This is an age-old battle—one which has been abused by those wishing to sway and control others. Even organised religions have often been guilty of the manipulation of the concepts of Light and Dark—of Good and Evil—for the purposes of the control of humanity.

However, Darkness is real. So is Light. We all have both within us. We all have the free will to choose Light or Dark—to walk the spaces in between.

However, before real choice is possible—choice that is not just a reaction or another mechanical impulse—we need to SEE clearly. We need to Know ourselves in all the gory detail.

In addition, if we try to change our mechanism without a thorough knowledge of that mechanism, we will only do damage, inside and outside us. Only when we gain a real knowledge of ourselves does the possibility of conscious choice and action become real. Before this, it is only the illusion of choice.

And this real choice is only an inner choice, not the outer possibility of conscious action. Outer conscious action that produces a beneficial effect on the outside world is reserved for only the highest spiritual beings. Not many of these have incarnated in the entire history of humanity. And most of them were persecuted by us.

Pluto in Sagittarius (1995)

As Pluto moves into Sagittarius on November 11, 1995 how will it all go? On the lower octave, it will set the scene for religious and/or spiritual warfare and destruction. When one group seeks to convert another group to its ideas and beliefs by force we have a jihad—we have the crusades—we have imperialism—we have more war.

The lower octave of Pluto in Sagittarius dictates the fall of old religions, beliefs and philosophical ideas—not to mention the overturning of education and morality as we know it. Those seeking power will seek power through the use of propaganda, dogma, and through the carrot of an imagined utopia. They will seek power by breaking down the fabric of what we all used to take for granted in our thinking and beliefs, replacing it with ideas and philosophies that seem alluring at the time, but which are actually the hidden agendas of power-hungry lunatics.

Worse yet is the potential for actual war and conquest in the name of God or religion. Watch carefully the Islam and Arab worlds in the up-coming years. (2011 update: this has borne as predicted... ML)

Know Thyself

What can we do to try to allow Pluto in Sagittarius to manifest on the higher octave and what would this mean? As has been said already above, the answer lies in personal individual spiritual evolution. If you wish to change the world, Know Thyself. All other ways, I believe, are futile, because they inevitably bring the wrong results. Seeking to truly know ourselves and seeking to love, heal and nurture ourselves will create a spiritual revolution within us.

Pluto in Sagittarius will then be able to show us a new way—a way that is appropriate for this point in time. Old ideas, beliefs and philosophies will be cast out, making way for new understandings—understandings based on our own true experiences. By accepting change—by accepting the death of old and out-moded ways—we clean the slate. We need a clean slate on which to build our spiritual empire—an empire that is within each of us... an empire that we are all naturally citizens of... an empire that does not need to conquer or to be defended, that does not need weapons... an empire of Light and Love.