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The Eureka Factor

Martin Lass ©1996

With the inception of the current prelude to the Aquarian Age—with Uranus moving into Aquarius earlier this year—it seems appropriate to take a closer look at the planet Uranus itself. What is Uranus' message? What are its influences—from the lower and higher perspective? In what ways does Uranus herald the possibility of a new spiritual Humanity? What do we have to do to meet Uranus' potentials within us? How can we transform the negative ways in which Uranus currently manifests through us?

It is not Uranus that creates the negative results, but our own spiritual unconsciousness and inner distortions. By attending to these, we gradually 'clear' ourselves, allowing the undistorted higher messages of Uranus to manifest through us—for ourselves and for Humanity at large.

The Larger Planetary Picture

Before dealing with Uranus in detail, let's take a larger view at Uranus' place in the cosmic picture. From the point of view of the new astrology—soul-centred, holographic, esoteric, psychological astrology—the solar system itself can be considered to be a macro-reflection of our inner spiritual construction. Furthermore it can be considered to be a map of our potential spiritual growth and evolution.

The Inner Planets

From this perspective, the inner planets up until the orbit of Jupiter correspond to our ordinary lives, before a spiritual path is embarked upon. Jupiter then calls us towards our spiritual potential—towards our extraordinary futures, which, in turn, corresponds to the affairs of the outer planets. Saturn is the gatekeeper, however, whom we must first pass by taking conscious personal responsibility for ourselves and our lives. Chiron then offers us the key of healing and spiritual awakening that launches us into the multi-dimensional reality of the real universe. At this point we are 'born' into the world of Spirit—into the galactic community.

The Outer Planets

The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and others yet to be discovered correspond in their higher octave functioning to the details of our higher spiritual potential and faculties. Uranus corresponds to the higher Mind, Neptune to the higher Heart, and Pluto to the possibility of becoming co-Creators of ourselves and the universe around us—to the power of transformation.

For us to be able to access these higher possibilities, we need to consciously attend to the affairs of our ordinary lives—the internal and the external. We need to 'get it right' in order to set the solid foundations upon which our spiritual empires can be built.

Let's now take a closer look at Uranus...

Now Uranus...

Uranus corresponds to the 'higher-octave' functioning of our intellect. Actually, it corresponds to an entirely different function that operates via the ordinary intellect. If our ordinary thinking can be considered to be subjective thinking, then the higher intellect, related to Uranus, can be considered to be objective thinking.

Simply put, if our ordinary intellect gets in the way, as it invariably does in our normal lives, then the messages of Uranus—of the higher intellect—cannot be heard or they become distorted. The reality of it is a little more complex than this, but this way of understanding it is sufficient for our purposes at the moment.

Uranian understandings are based upon an awareness of the bigger scheme of things. Uranian understandings correspond to the Divine Plan that lies behind every part of Creation. These understandings are based upon a logic that transcends our ordinary logic. This logic recognises the special place of every separate thing in relation to the whole. It is like looking at the master blueprint of a thing. It is like seeing the inner workings of a thing—seeing what makes it tick.

In relation to Humanity, this means seeing the bigger picture of how society is put together and how it operates. This big picture acknowledges the fact that we all affect each other and that by working at cross-purposes to each other, it disharmonises the whole. If we were able to work together towards common goals, we would be helping each other and helping the whole of Humanity. The ideas of universal brotherhood, networking and group energy all relate to Uranus.

Conscious Awareness of Uranus

With conscious awareness of the energy of Uranus, we can begin to see and sense things around us as they really are in objective reality. The way in which we have previously perceived the universe and our lives is seen to have been distorted, coloured and incomplete. Through Uranus and the higher intellect we come into direct contact with reality. We begin to know things directly, without the crutches of our ordinary thinking.

Uranian understanding is sometimes called 'genius'.

These understandings can sometimes seem to be quite crazy compared to our ordinary views. We are talking about a quantum leap of understanding here. We are talking about over-turning the limitations of our ordinary views and ideas. We begin to see how crazy our ordinary thinking really was!

The speed of Uranian influences, energy and understandings is exponentially faster than our ordinary thinking. Reams of information and understandings come in a flash—in a moment of inspiration—like a lightning bolt. It may take quite some time to translate and/or communicate these understandings compared to the instant that they took to arrive in us.

Because of the speed of Uranian understandings and the slowness of our ordinary thinking, in comparison, a line of communication cannot initially be effectively or accurately established. This leads to the distortion, misunderstanding, misinterpretation and/or total or partial blockage of these understandings.

In order to establish a reliable line of communication, we must raise our own speed to the level of Uranus. We need to operate at a higher vibrational frequency.

It is perhaps important to clarify here, that each of us is born with a greater or lesser degree of connection to the outer planets. Some people seem to display an inherent ability to connect with these higher faculties, without having had to do the hard work. However, if we wish to be able to consciously use these faculties in a reliable and spiritually responsible way, we do need to develop ourselves. And we are all potentially capable of this conscious connection.

The Eureka Factor

Uranus is the 'Eureka!' factor. We may ponder a problem for a very long time, with no answer in sight. Then we forget about the problem. When we least expect it, the answer simply pops into our heads. 'Eureka!', we say. All the parts of the problem fall into place and the bigger picture is revealed. Suddenly, it all makes sense. This is an example of Uranus working in a random way, not within our conscious access.

The 'Eureka' factor is, of course always a possibility in our ordinary lives. Otherwise, new discoveries, theories and ideas wouldn't come into being in this largely unspiritual world. However, if we wish to have a more conscious and directed access to this higher aspect of the intellect, then the spiritual work must be done.

Imagine if we could have access to this kind of understanding, consciously and at will. This is just what Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron promise us, if we do what we need to do in the way of spiritual work on ourselves.

Uranian Energy

Let's take a look at some of the ways in which Uranus energy manifests, in us and through us, while we are still relatively unconscious and undirected spiritually speaking. This is before we have earned the keys to higher Uranian energy through our higher intellectual function.

The 'Eureka' factor aside, when Uranian influence hits our blockages and our relatively unconscious, relatively unbalanced, relatively undirected psyches, it has an unpredictable effect.

Some of the possible distorted manifestations are:

If Uranian influences are more or less blocked, then some of the possible manifestations are:

These lists are far from exhaustive.

Also, this does not mean to say that all of us are going to have one or all of these manifestations. This simplistic conclusion would, itself, be an example of blocked Uranian energy!

And it is all a matter of degree for each of us. The main thing to understand here, is that Uranus influences cannot come through reliably if we remain relatively unconscious and spiritually undirected in our lives. We have the answer. The choice is ours.

Uranus Says:

"Imagine if you could lift the veils of the visible universe and see its inner workings! This is what I offer you. This world that you perceive is the world of illusions. It is the product of your subjective perceptions.

"Stand back, for a moment, from your insistence that what you see is the way things really are. Indulge me for a moment!

"Perhaps you have come to believe, in your lives, that there is not an objective reality out there. Perhaps you have come to believe that ultimate Truth does not exist and that all things are relative.

"All things are relative. They are relative to ultimate Truth! They are relative to Light or relative to Darkness. They are relative to our Creator.

"The bigger picture of the cosmos is an amazing scheme! The laws of the universe are not only immutable, but they are extraordinary! Every smallest manifestation of Creation speaks of these laws, conforms to them, expresses them. Every grain of sand expresses the Creator and his love, which is the Creation.

"And here is the most amazing thing: The gift of free Will, which you have been given, fits into this scheme of laws. It is part of the very fabric of Creation—your possibility of free Will and choice.

" If you could but see the amazing and special place that you hold in the cosmic scheme of things, you would be astounded! If you could but see your potential!

" Consider, for a moment, what it really means to have been 'made in the image of God.' It means that you have all of the essential ingredients to become God-like. In fact, without the existence of beings such as yourselves, in the cosmic scheme of things, Creation would possibly wind down. Your entropy Creation theorists would jump up and down saying, 'See! We told you!'

"However, it is written into the fabric of the universe—this possibility of conscious evolution. This is what makes you God-like. This is the image of God.

"Consider the Creation for a moment. It is a descending octave, beginning in the Light of the Creator and descending into the cosmos, ending in total Darkness. If the movement of this octave and all of the octaves branching out from it was only down, then there would be a limit to the life of the universe.

" Imagine the universe as a collection of ladders. These ladders are one-way ladders—down only. One ladder comes down from the Creator and then, at each subsequent step, more one-way, down-only ladders branch out. Life travels along these ladders—imagine this as lots of little beings climbing down the ladders. Don't laugh!

" If there were only down-ladders, every being would end up, eventually, at the bottoms of the last ladders—in Darkness. Your entropy theorists would win again!

" This is where you come in. Your mission, if you should decide to accept it, is to create up-ladders. Your task is to choose not to climb downwards any more. You have been given that choice and that potential capability. This is the Universe's gift to you.

"By creating up-ladders in the universe, you make pathways for all of our little beings—for the life of the universe—to ascend. Imagine the picture: infinite numbers of little beings climbing up and down a billion ladders! This is life, moving in perpetual Creation. The Creation is a perpetual motion machine!

"Further to this, new ladders are formed as beings ascend. These new ascending and descending ladders add to the Creation, adding to its infinite variety.

"The ascending ladders reach all the way back to the Universal Oneness. Every new up-ladder that you create, makes a path for others to follow, if they choose. It gives others the possibility of moving closer to the One, if they choose.

"Apart from serving your highest possibilities, you are serving the on-going Creation! You are serving the Creator. In fact, you are indispensable to the Creation!

"How will you honour this gift? Will you accept this mission? The joy and wonder of understanding the inner workings of the universe, alone, makes the mission worth it!

"I will show you these workings. I will be your guide. I will open up the fabric of the universe, lift the veils, lay out the blueprints and, together, we will marvel at the beauty, the magic, the logic, the divinity and the love that the Creation is and will be for eternity.

"And, in exploring the Creator's Creation, you will find that the One lives in every atom. Every door we open—the One will be there. Every part of yourselves—the One is waiting within. You are a particle of that Oneness.

"I invite you to join me on this fantastic journey!"