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Events and Issues Related to Chiron's Discovery

The Space Race

- Martin Lass © 2003

(This article follows on from "Science Fiction and Star Trek".)
The second of the two most important fulcrum points in the tapestry of Chiron's discovery was the momentous occasion of the first man in space. (See Chart 1--FIRST MAN IN SPACE.) This event was part of what became known as the "space race." We have already explored why the space race is important and relevant to our study of Chiron, so let's go straight to the chart . . .
N.B. Exact time of achieving orbit is unknown. The ship landed at 10:55am BAT and an orbit of the Earth took 89.1 minutes, so one may presume that orbit was achieved around 9:26am BAT. (Referenced from The New York Times, April 12, 1961.)

First man in space - Natal Chart
 Apr 12 1961, 9:26 am, BAT -3:00
 Moscow, Russia, 55°N45', 037°E35'
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Koch Houses, True Node


This is perhaps the most extraordinary chart we will look at. Pluto conjuncts the North Node in the 4th house, calling us toward our destiny. It is a destiny that ultimately lies beyond our Earthly home--beyond the solar system, in fact--physically and metaphysically. Pluto in Virgo opposes Chiron, shaking our Wounds to their foundations; for it is through the Healing of these Wounds and their attendant issues that we will attain our destiny. Chiron conjuncting the South Node in Pisces holographically brings the entire history of Humanity's unHealed Wounds into the equation--particularly, our sense of disconnectedness, separateness and aloneness. The call to return home to spirit comes through strongly. 

Moreover, this conjunction (Chiron/South Node) illuminates Humanity's smallness and the relative insignificance of its achievements in the face of the vastness of the universe (10th house placement). Conversely, the brilliance of intellect, technology, creativity and innovation (Uranus in Leo in the 3rd house) makes possible the bold and public achievement of putting the first man in space(Uranus trining Sun and Venus in Aries in the 10th house).[1] The parallel (of declination) of Sun and Uranus mirrors the public spectacle of the event; hardly a person on the planet did not know of it and millions watched it on television. This parallel also augured the subsequent decades of life-changing technological offshoots. 

Another event of great importance and relevance to our exploration is the event of the first man on the moon. (See Chart 2--MAN LANDS ON THE MOON.) Again, Pluto is highly prominent, this time conjuncting the South Node. This event represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. Old paradigms would be swept away by new perspectives, new vistas and a new appreciation for our place in the larger cosmic picture.

In addition to the following chart, man's first step on the Moon occurred at July 21, 1969, 02:56:20am (GMT). (Referenced from Encyclopedia Britannica.)
For truly accurate charts of these two events, one would have to calculate these charts from a lunar-centric perspective. In the meantime, we must ignore the houses.

Man lands on the Moon - Natal Chart
 Jul 20 1969, 8:17:40 pm, GMT +0:00
 Greenwich England, 51°N29'00'', 000°W
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Koch Houses, True Node


The Pisces North Node, loosely trining a conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Cancer, calls us toward our destiny--toward our true spiritual home: the oneness and all-encompassing love of the cosmos. However, there is fear of loss of safety and warmth--we enter space inside the hard shell of a spacecraft. Moreover, it is fragile and somewhat precarious victory (loose grand water trine: South Node in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio and the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Cancer). Inner doubts and tentativeness temper our achievement; it is sobering and humbling to contemplate our smallness in the face of what we are encountering (Chiron retrograde in Aries). Chiron asks us to ask ourselves, are we yet truly worthy of such an achievement? However, Mars in Sagittarius, boldly poking its fiery finger in the grand water trine, supplies the mission with raw power, boldness, energy and sense of adventure. 

Uranus and Jupiter, occulting (conjunct and parallel) in Libra beckon us from across the great divide--from across the Asteroid belt. They beckon us step out of the cloistered walls of the inner planets and join the wider communities of the outer planets and stars. 

For those interested in further investigation of this event, Man's first step on the Moon occurred on July 21, 1969 at exactly 02:56:20am GMT. For more accurate charts of these two events, one would need to calculate the charts from a lunar-centric perspective. 

Another interesting chart is that of Man's 1stsatellite in spaceby the Russians, occurring on the October 4, 1957, as reported from Moscow. Here, a Chiron/Uranus opposition is given expression by a trine/sextile to Sun occulting Jupiter in Libra. In short, our exposed Woundedness (Chiron/Uranus opposition) and feeling of isolation from the universe (Chiron in Aquarius) drives us off the planet in search of contact and connection to new spheres of consciousness (Jupiter and Sun in Libra). 

A last chart worth looking at, related to the space race, but occurring much later, was the Challenger space shuttle disaster (Cape Canaveral FL, January 28, 1986, 11:39:17am EST). Here, Chiron in Gemini (Wound of feeling out of touch and/or ignorant) in the first house (the physical environment) opposes Saturn in Sagittarius (clipped wings . . . however, also wisdom from direct experience) on the cusp of the 7th and 8th houses (ending of relationships). Chiron (parallel the Sun) and Saturn (Wounds of restriction, repression, limitations, responsibility) make a trine and sextile, respectively, to a triple conjunction of Sun, Venus and Mercury (Sun and Venus occulting) in Aquarius in the 10th house (the public eye, achievement, answerability, the future). These last three planets all square Pluto in Scorpio (death, endings, loss) that sits on the cusp of the 6th and 7th houses (anareticdegree--growing up, turning point, expansion of consciousness) and loosely conjuncts the South Node (old issues and repressed past, resurfacing, demanding resolution). 

(This article is followed by "Star Wars and Other Films")

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[1] For astrologers, the heliocentric version of this chart is worth looking at, too. Earth and Venus are conjunct, as are Jupiter and Saturn, as well as Mars and Uranus. These three conjunct pairs form a square, sextile, quincunx triangular pattern. Chiron forms an exact conjunction with the MC in Pisces. Chiron and Pluto still oppose one another but with a 5 degree applying orb.

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