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Musings of a Rogue Comet
Chiron, Planet of Healing

Book One

by Martin Lass copyright 2002


     Martin Lass's book, subtitled "A Personal and Astrological Journey of Healing," is Book One of a series. This volume provides an encyclopedic compilation of information about Chiron, with special emphasis on that planetoid's association with healing and the expansion of consciousness. Lass is a musician and astrologer who, for the past ten years, has done many readings and seminars with Chiron as the focus. He acknowledges the pioneering work of earlier astrological writers (Melanie Reinhart, Barbara Hand Clow, Zane Stein) and the teachers and musicians who have influenced his life: Krishnamurti, Rudolph Steiner, G. I. Gurdjieff, Yehudi Menuhin, Claude Debussy, etc.
      Lass offers detailed research on Chiron's cycles and includes world events and cultural phenomena as well as personal stories of healing and changes in consciousness.
  The signs, houses, and aspects of Chiron are all given generous treatment, complete with lists of notable people who have the natal placement under discussion. The author has found that aspects are most significant in Chiron delineations. He addresses the conjunction (parallel, contraparallel, and occultation are all considered and treated as conjunctions), opposition, trine, square, sextile, and quincunx of Chiron (natally and by transit) to the planets, angles, and lunar nodes. Lass also discusses natal Chiron in larger planetary patterns (including the t-square, grand trine, grand cross, kite, and yod), and he covers Chiron's retrogrades, interceptions, and transits through the houses.
       I believe that this is the most extensive work on Chiron published to date. True to the nature of "musings," Lass adds his somewhat rambling personal experiences, but these are very well counterbalanced by the quality and quantity of the more objective material presented. There are metaphysical and spiritual quotes throughout the text, and the author gently concludes: "If the ultimate goal of Wounds is to awaken us to our true nature as Love and Light, then the ultimate Wound has its source in the Love that pervades the All."

- reviewed by Mary Plumb

MARTIN LASS - copyright 2003. All rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication, quoting, distribution (electronic or physical) is prohibited by law.