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The Dream in the Child's Heart
Martin Lass ©1997

The Child's Awareness and Joy

Remember those times when you were a child and the school holidays had just started?

Remember the feeling of an expanse of freedom and adventure stretching out in front of you?

Remember the extraordinary and amazing plans you made for yourself and the world?

Remember the projects you set out to achieve-to re-route a creek, build a tree-house, to become the greatest this or that or to save the children of the world from this or that peril?

Remember waking up early in the morning and leaping out of bed, throwing the curtains open to find a sun-filled day of excitement and promise waiting for you?

Remember the feeling in your heart that anything was possible, that there were no limits, that the universe was a magic, mysterious and beckoning place. a stage upon which all your dreams could be enacted?

Without exception, I believe that we all have these moments in our childhood. Some of us remember them and some of us do not. They are there, however, buried in our hearts.

Why do we lose contact with these dreams? Why do we lose trust in them? Why do they get lost in our growing-up process? The fire seems to die for most and we begin to believe that all those dreams and feelings of the universe being a magical place, full of promise, were just childish fantasies.

Astrologically speaking, it was Jupiter who was whispering in your ear, showing you the miracle of life, enticing you to explore, to learn, to expand your horizons, to acknowledge the mystery and magic of the universe. Jupiter's message becomes gradually muffled as we grow up, until, in many cases, it cannot be heard at all.

Jupiter's message to you is that all those dreams, fantasies, plans, projects, etc. are still within our hearts. and that they are all still possible.

Whatever you can dream, you can achieve,
otherwise you couldn't dream it.

The Calling

Every one of us is born with a calling. a dream or mission. Your calling is the thing that lies in your Heart of Hearts that you would love to do more than anything else in the world. The feeling of that dream, when acknowledged, is exactly like the feelings you had as a child when everything seemed possible.

The difficulty is, that you may have lost trust in that dream or in your own ability and self-worth to do that thing. Reconnecting with that dream and reawakening the trust in yourself and the universe to bring that thing into manifestation is a healing journey. And that is why we are all here.

Whether we are aware of it or not, the dream or calling in our hearts sustains us through thick and thin. We may think that it is dead within us, but it is actually alive and keeping us ticking. When the dream or calling truly dies, then we die.

In the meantime, we keep building up and tearing down our lives in an unconscious effort to find the right form for ourselves that can express and live that dream and calling. If our present form is not serving our highest purpose—our calling—then we cannot help self-destructing ourselves. In doing so, the universe is giving us the opportunity to find a new form that can honour that purpose better.

Jupiter's Place in the Cosmos

Looking at the larger picture of the solar system, we find that Jupiter stands at the limits of our ordinary 20th century lives. If the solar system is a holographic mirror of our potential journey of growth and evolution, then the inner planets—Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Sun—represent the affairs of this life.

The Moon is our emotional protective patterns developed in the first years of life. Venus is the further development of our feeling nature, giving us a striving for harmony, inner peace, beauty and balance in our lives. Mars is about getting into the body, asserting ourselves as individuals and exercising our ability to choose. Mercury is about the mind and sets the scene for the associative connecting of our lives through mental understanding. The Sun is about integrating body, feeling and thinking into self-will and expression.

All the affairs of these inner planets make up all the ingredients for life to continue as it is. However, the inner and outer drive for evolution—for the growth of greater and greater consciousness, for healing, for reconnection to our divine origins—does not rest.

Jupiter calls us from across the asteroid belt—calls us towards our ultimate potential. He calls us to expand our consciousness to correspond with each of the outer planets in turn. He whispers to us that the journey is worth it, that the universe is waiting for us, that our potential is more extraordinary and miraculous than we had ever previously imagined.

Jupiter speaks directly to the Child's Heart that lives in all of us—to that place in our Heart of Hearts that knows that our dreams and calling are possible.

From here, we launch out into the outer solar system. When we reach Saturn, it is time for us to truly grow up, to take responsibility for our lives, and to cease blaming the outside world and circumstances for our ailments and failures.

Then we reach the newly discovered planetoid/comet, Chiron. The consciously intended healing journey begins here. This point in the solar system is where the collective consciousness of Humanity is now at this time in history. We are poised for a quantum leap of consciousness, corresponding to the discovery of Chiron, planet of healing. This quantum leap will bring and is already bringing a new understanding of ourselves and the cosmos in relation to healing and our evolutionary journey.

From here, we are set to truly understand the higher nature of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto/Charon. These three outermost planets holographically represent a glimpse at the divine Plan (Uranus), reconnection to Oneness, divinity, and Love (Neptune), and the handing to us of the keys of our own transformation (Pluto).

So Jupiter's place is to entice us along this fantastic voyage of discovery. the journey back to Trust in the Universal Plan, back to an awareness of Love, back to an understanding of the connectedness of all and onwards to the mastery of our lives in all respects.

The Incarnation Process

So why do we lose touch with or lose faith in our dreams and calling as we grow up? Without becoming too technical or esoteric about the actual details of the incarnation process, we lose touch with who we are and why we are here by the very nature of incarnation.

Incarnation is not simply a matter of being born and then we are incarnate. Incarnation begins at the quickening (16th week of embryological development) and continues until the mid-point of our lives (around age 36). After this, we are on our way out again; our form begins to break down in preparation for the return to Spirit.

The actual process of incarnation is the passing from Unity into Duality, from Oneness into fragmentation, from Truth into illusion, from Love into many emotions, from Light into relative darkness. The consciousness of the new-born baby is far more aware than we are as adults.

However, this consciousness is relatively undifferentiated and impotent from the point of view of Will. We can only know ourselves by contrast and by reflection. This is the purpose of incarnation. Incarnation is a mirror reflecting us back at ourselves. The world around us is nothing less than a perfect mirror of all that we love about ourselves and all that we do not yet love about ourselves.

When we incarnate, our Lower Mind perceives the world in terms of duality. black and white, good and evil, pain and pleasure. The Lower Mind's perception causes us to seek pleasure and run away from pain. We seek, in our lives, that which we think is missing, that which we think needs fixing, correcting, setting right or healing.

This takes us on a journey to become who we are Divinely Designed to be. It is all a matter of perception, though, and the perceptions are an illusion!

When, on our evolutionary journey, we find the thing that we seek (which, in truth, was never really missing) we come back to a state of Unity about that issue. We come into a state where the illusion of duality dissolves—where the illusions of paradox and separation are transcended.

This state is Unconditional Love. This is coming back to the state of Grace in which we were before incarnation, with one small but important difference, however. Where there was undifferentiated and impotent awareness there is now conscious mastery of that issue of our lives; we have become co-creators of that part of our existence.

The cycles of incarnation are nothing less than the gradual conscious awakening of Love for everything about ourselves and our lives. We become the masters and co-creators to whatever we learn to Love consciously.

So it is part of the divine Plan of our awakening and evolution that we fall into the illusion of duality—into what the eastern philosophies called maya. This process is the way in which our dreams and calling become covered.

It is also the way in which we become who we are—our Divine Design. The journey of healing and evolution is the gradual acknowledgement of who we are and the gradual loving of who we are.

When we reach the point of total healing and total Unconditional Love for any given issue in our lives, we can look back to the process of the covering over of our dreams and callings—the result of which we call wounds, blockages, unresolved issues—and see the utter perfection of the Plan of our lives.

We come to a state of Gratitude for those very wounds, blockages and issues, because without them we would not be the person that we are today. There is a Gift in every Wound—a Service to us, to others and to the Universe.

"Gratitude for your life, exactly as it is, is the evolutionary lever that takes you to a higher state of consciousness-the state of Unconditional Love."

Jupiter in your Horoscope

Jupiter, in the natal horoscope, points to the place where your Joy and Trust in the magic and mystery of Universe lie. How Joy and Trust are expressed or repressed in our lives can also be seen in this astrological chart. Generally, the Joy and Trust in the miracle of life, that we had as children, are uncovered by the healing journey.

This is the journey from Jupiter to Saturn and then to Chiron, as was previously mentioned.

The Saturn journey is about accepting personal responsibility for the wounds, blockages and unresolved issues. Chiron is about truly healing these things. The path of healing ends when there is Gratitude for the original wound, event, circumstance or person that 'caused' us pain—when there is the open-hearted acknowledgement that what we perceived erroneously through our Lower Minded perceptions as an imbalance, injustice or mistake took us on the journey to become who we are. Further, that at the moment of occurrence of the original wound, perfect balance existed in the Universe. All else was an illusion.

The illusion is that the dreams, the calling, and the magical, mysterious Universe disappeared or that they were never really there. This is a lie.

The dreams and the calling are alive and waiting within your heart. The magic and miraculous Universe is waiting for you to open your Child's Heart once more and to acknowledge the calling and dreams that live in you. That dream and the calling is all that you are. the rest is just an illusion. Your evolutionary journey is to collapse the illusions and unveil the shining Light that you truly are.

Jupiter Says:

In your Child's Heart
a dream
is locked away,
never fading,
never tarnishing,
waiting for you
to uncover its Joy,
its Promise,
its Light
for you to Shine.

Know that
anything you can dream
can be created.

The dream
in your Child's Heart
is your Divine Design
waiting to be acknowledged,
waiting to Shine.

Indulge your dream a little.