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Healing Lives

A Celestial Graduation Ceremony

by Martin Lass ©1996

As we approach mid July, two celestial points are coming together for an auspicious meeting. One of these points is the planetoid, Chiron. (Incidentally, Chiron is now regarded in some scientific circles as a cometary body.) The other point in this meeting is the North Node of the Moon. This celestial point will be explained a little later in this article.

This meeting, or conjunction, happens every 12-15 years approximately. The last time was in July 1984. Previous to that it was in February 1969.

The upcoming conjunction is only the second meeting that has occurred since the discovery of Chiron in 1977—that is, since Chiron's birth into our consciousnesses. This fact is ultimately relevant, as we will see in what follows.

To put it simply, every time this conjunction happens, a new batch of Healers and Light Workers is born. A new batch of Healers and Light Workers pass their final exams, graduate and are ready to go out into the real world to begin their mission; to start practicing what they came here to do; to honour their higher purpose.

This does not mean to say that Healers and Light Workers are not constantly being born into the practical world. It is simply that, around these conjunctions, there is a graduation en masse.

The specific nature of the Healers and Light Workers activated around each of these conjunctions can be seen in the zodiac sign placement of the conjunction. The upcoming conjunction is in Libra. Again, we will discuss this later. First let's take a closer look at each of the aspects involved in this celestial event.


Chiron is the planetary (or cometary) body that symbolises the possibility of, and necessity for, personal healing for our spiritual evolution. This means Healing in all aspects—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Chiron's message is that total Healing of ourselves and our wounds is possible. The Healing of our wounds and blockages leads to the reconnection of ourselves to ourselves. It leads to the reconnection of ourselves to our divinity—to Spirit within. Total Healing means total freedom.

Chiron says that the road to total Healing must be taken consciously and willingly. The Path through our own inner Pain, wounds and blockages leads to Wholeness. The Path through this Darkness leads back to the Light. We have been given the free-will to choose our path. How we choose is up to us.

Chiron also says that our Pain, wounds and blockages are like lost sheep in our psyches. We need to bring them back into the fold.

We can only do this by, first, acknowledging these parts of ourselves in an unconditional, compassionate and loving way. We need to stop blaming others and blaming the outside circumstances of our lives for the difficulties that we experience within. We need to stop punishing ourselves for feeling what we feel. We need to nurture these parts of us back into health and maturity.

These lost sheep are parts of ourselves that have been cut off from us at various ages of our lives. We did this, unconsciously, to protect ourselves from the Pain of situations that we did not have the capacity to deal with at the time. This was valid.

Now, however, we must face these wounds—face them consciously, with the intention of healing and becoming whole again. Our intention is what will make the difference between Healing and wallowing.

Chiron says that he will be there to help us and guide us through the Healing of these difficult issues. Chiron says that these wounds are a Gift.

These wounds are the base substance of our potential spiritual alchemy. Our intention for Healing and our wish for Wholeness is the fire that will transform these things in us. The final result is our reconnection to Oneness and Love. The final result is Spiritual Freedom.

The North Node of the Moon

The North Node of the Moon is an astronomical point related to the Moon's orbit around the Earth. For the astronomically minded, the North Node is the point in space where the Moon passes from below the plane of the ecliptic to above the plane of the ecliptic. (The Moon's orbit is tipped at just over 5 degrees to that plane.)

When the Moon passes from above the ecliptic to below, this point is called the South Node. This passing happens twice a month, once for the North Node and once for the South.

The two points, North and South, oppose each other, like the opposing points of a compass needle. They also move slowly backwards through the signs of the zodiac, with a total zodiac cycle of about 18 and a half years.

From the point of view of what we are discussing here, the Nodes represent a kind of compass needle for our lives. Our soul's journey in this incarnation can be understood using these points as a guide—where we come from, everything that we bring into this incarnation, the good and the bad, the gifts and the failings, the excess baggage, the lessons we have learned and the lessons we need to learn. It can all be seen using these points as the hub of an astrological horoscope.

The North Node encourages us towards our potential. It encourages to learn our lessons, heal the wounds of the past, pay the karma of past misdemeanours and fulfill the tasks we set out for ourselves before we came into this incarnation. Most importantly, our true purpose and mission are written here.

Transits of the North Node in our lives usually correspond to times of relative awakening to our true purpose. Generally, the circumstances of our outside lives will also correspond to this inner awakening, activating us in a practical way, opening the doors of opportunity and bringing us into contact with people and circumstances that will help us along our way.

This happens, however, only to the degree that we are consciously ready to walk our higher paths. If we are not ready, these contacts with the Nodes can merely pass us by, unnoticed.

Chiron and the Node Together

When Chiron and the North Node come together, they bring together in a symbiotic way Healing in the broadest sense and our true life's purpose. First, our life's path becomes a Healing path. Finding our way, finding the meaning, finding a sense of fulfilment, finding harmony and Love becomes synonymous with Healing. As we Heal, we connect to our true selves, to our true purpose and mission. As we Heal, we begin to know where our place is in the world, which way to go and how to proceed. Our true path takes on new impetus and direction.

Second, our personal journey of Healing and reconnection to our divinity becomes a life's path for the Healing of others. We become the beacons for others to follow. Having walked the journey of our own personal Healing, through the Darkness and back to the Light, we can now stand on the other side of Darkness, shining a Light that others can follow.

We can say to people, "Look! It's possible. You can do this, too. I walked through the Pain of my wounds and it wasn't so bad. Follow me, if you wish, and I will help you. The reward is Joy, Freedom, Love and Reconnection to your Life."

The Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac sign in which the meeting of the North Node and Chiron takes place shows the exact nature of the blend of Healing and the true life's path.

For example, the conjunction of February 1969 was in Aries. To understand what this means, we need to take into account the spiritual meaning and nature of the sixties as an attempted revolution of consciousness.

This revolution resulted in the bringing to conscious light the necessity for the Healing of wounds that were the byproduct of the old guard. Saturnian structures had been laid waste. What could they be replaced with? The path into the new paradigm—the Age of Aquarius—could only be walked by walking the journey of personal healing and personal spiritual endeavour.

The conjunction of 1969 in Aries was the birth of Healers and Light Workers that were the beginning of the new paradigm—the new age. These people were the advance party, whose task it was to take new and bold steps into uncharted territory. That territory was personal healing.

In the process of evolution, we all reach a point where we can go no further until we look back and look within with the intention of clearing away the residue and backlog of unresolved issues in our psyches. The Healers and Light Workers who were activated in 1969 began that process, setting the scene for the birth of Chiron into our consciousness in 1977. Once Chiron was discovered, our Healing could become more conscious and intentional. The key had been given. All we had to do was use it.

The next conjunction of the North Node and Chiron happened in July 1984 in Gemini. This was the birth of Healers and Light Workers whose task was to be messengers of Healing. Their messages came not only from their own personal journeys but from channelled sources.

This period of time was the fulcrum point for the connection of the Earth to channelled sources from around and beyond the universe as we know it. These people were the messengers for the higher consciousness of spirit guides and discarnate entities. Their message was simple: "You have the power and capacity to become the citizens of the galaxy that you were meant to be. You can heal yourselves. You can clear away the debris, your unresolved issues and become Whole again. You are Divine and limitless. All you have to do is choose."

That brings us to the upcoming conjunction in July this year. This takes place in Libra. The Healers and Light Workers that are being born now are people who have walked paths through co-dependency, abandonment, relationship failure, aloneness, alienation and separation. They have dealt with these issues, worked through the healing of their wounds in relation to these issues and now are giving back what they have gained to others in similar need. Their message is that separation is a lie. In reality, we are all forever connected to one another.

Their mission is to help us reestablish a balance between our individual selves and the world of others. For this, they recognise the need for the healing of self first before the healing of others becomes possible.

The healing of self is a prerequisite to a healthy and harmonious relationship with others. We need to have a balanced and harmonious relationship with ourselves first, then with the world at large, and finally with others in a personal way. The result is the capacity for personal relationships that are free of the chains of co-dependency—free from relationship dysfunction. Love that was really neediness becomes unconditional Love—mutual respect and goodwill towards one another.

The other aspect of these peoples' paths is the sharing of the understanding that we are all connected and that we are all One.

From this comes the understanding that, if I help another along their path, I am helping myself. True personal Joy and Fulfillment come from Service to others.

It is not a question of altruism. Neither is it a question of selfishly motivated good deeds towards others. It is a holographic view: we are all connected. When I help myself, it helps others. When I help others, it helps me. This is one the principles of the new age—the up-coming Age of Aquarius.

The Activation

The activtion of Healers and Light Workers during this time can be seen through personal horoscopes. I have done readings for many people who will have this conjunction passing over important points in their personal horoscopes. Where it actually passes in the horoscope will determine the exact nature of the healing mission for that person. They will know themselves, however, without necessarily having the benefit of astrological insight, what their mission is. It will become increasingly clear as the middle of July approaches. They will need to listen carefully to their inner guidance and keep their antennas out for new doorways and opportunities.

We can expect to see more people involved in wholistic counselling clothed in various modalities, from traditional practises to more alternative therapies. The emphasis, in all cases, will be on the healing of abandonment, feelings of aloneness and alienation, and on relationship difficulties, all with the end goal of empowering people into their real purpose here in this incarnation.

Apart from those who will have this conjunction passing over important points in their horoscopes, those born with their natal North Nodes in Libra generally, will be affected in Healing and activating ways. These are people born between September 1939 and May 1941, between June 1958 and December 1959, and between January 1977 and July 1978.

For the Rest

For the rest, it will be a time of the possible healing of old wounds of relationship, abandonment, aloneness and alienation that have stood in the way of their lives' paths, whatever those lives' paths might be.

For those who have already embarked upon such a healing path, it will be a fruitful, albeit difficult time. It will be a fine opportunity to peel off another layer of wounds, allowing yet more of their true selves to emerge.

If they can go into this time with a willingness to bear whatever comes up, in the spirit of Healing and understanding, the gift of the conjunction will be received. The way to begin is by striving to not to analyse what is going on at first; this will merely get in the way. The way forward is to simply experience whatever is there with the intention to Heal and to understand. Intellectual understanding will come afterwards.

For those who have yet to embark upon their Healing paths, it will be a time when the circumstances of life, inner and outer, will be arranged in such a way as to highlight areas that are in need of attention—areas of relationship, career and inner discontent related to the previous two.

For these people, the key to gaining understanding and possible Healing from these situations and life circumstances lies in resisting the tendency to blame others and/or the world in general for their difficulties. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives in an objective and compassionate way.

Globally Speaking

Globally speaking, the conjunction of the North Node and Chiron in Libra in mid July is already being felt. As a general influence in a relatively unspiritual world, Chiron has the effect of opening up our inner wounds. Most people are not ready to acknowledge, feel or deal with these wounds.

When confronted by these uncovered wounds, the unprepared person can react in several different ways. Avoidance is most common. The ways in which we all avoid our inner Pain, to a greater or lesser degree, are manifold and well-trodden—TV, alcohol, food, sex, drugs, work, indolence to name a few. When things get too difficult to bear, the avoidance becomes chronic and exaggerated—suicidal tendencies, drug and alcohol abuse, over-eating, workaholic patterns and, conversely, patterns of avoidance of work and responsibilities.

Another way in which unprepared people react when confronted with their inner wounds is by lashing out at others and at the world at large. This can be in any situation in life. The degree of the lashing out can range from a simple negative verbal reaction all the way to the sort of situation where a person simply snaps and goes on a shooting spree, as with what happened in both Scotland and in Tasmania recently.

There are all the degrees in between, too. It is when people cannot deal with their Pain. They can no longer make it go away. They are like cornered wounded animals. Those around them are bound to get hurt. We all need to take this into consideration during this time.

With this conjunction taking place in Libra, it is very likely that there will be an increase in domestic violence. People who have felt 'trapped' in relationships for years are likely to lash out at their partners, blaming them for their own feelings of Pain and frustration about their lives.

Much understanding is required during this time, avoiding the tendency to place blame or fault in one camp or another. These situations are the result of many participants and many influences, most of which have translated into unconscious patterns. Compassion and understanding are necessary.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it is necessary to emphasise the positive potential of this celestial event. The Healers and Light Workers who are coming into activation during this time will be helping others to be able to better deal with their own painful inner issues. Every person that does even the smallest amount of their own personal Healing adds to the force of Light in the world. This makes it more possible for others to follow. Gradually, the vibrational frequency of the planet is raised and more Healing becomes possible.

This is the only answer to war and violence. This is the only answer to the plight of Humanity at the end of the 20th century. This is the only answer to the plight of Mother Earth at the mercy of our inhumanity towards Her. We can each make a difference. Simply by taking responsibility for even the smallest of our unresolved painful issues, we immediately make a difference. Gradually finding our own inner Peace in this way, we add to the possibility of global Peace.