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The Harmonic Concordance - Nov 2003

Martin Lass ©2003


From an email recently broadcast over the Internet:

"At 8:13 PM (New York Time) on November 8, 2003, a geometrically perfect six sided (Star of David) configuration will appear in the sky, linking and balancing the energies of six astrological bodies; the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and the Moon. In addition, there will be an eclipse of the full moon at this time.

The interaction of this significant planetary alignment at the moment of the eclipse combines to produce a powerful alchemical transformation offering the opportunity for both personal and planetary shifts in consciousness. The name that has been given to this particular energetic window of time is the Harmonic Concordance. It goes from November 5th through the 11th with the peak at 8:13 PM on November 8th!"

So, what does this mean for you and I and, of course, for the planet? Here are some thoughts and considerations about the Concordance—what it means and what we can each do to take advantage of it, personally and collectively.

The astrological pattern itself consists of six planets forming a 'bracelet' of sextiles—30-degree angles. (If one were to join the points in a certain way, one would get a Star of David, which is one of this pattern's other names.) Sextiles are considered highly harmonious. However—and this is the most important point—they require human intention, initiative, effort and interaction in order to 'activate' them.

When interpreting this pattern, one can take any of the six points/planets of the Concordance and read it from there. So, six perspectives are possible, each one overlapping and adding to the other.

Before proceeding, it's important to realize that the most important aspect of this astrological pattern is in the planetary energies themselves and the angles these make to each other. The zodiac signs are the next most important. The house positions are the least important, particularly from a global perspective, because these will be different depending on where on the planet we live.

Having said this, it's important to note that the houses will determine the forms of expression of this planetary pattern, although the essential energies will be the same everywhere. The house expressions go beyond the scope of this short article, because they must be recalculated depending on where one lives on the planet.

The current Chiron/Saturn opposition is the overriding feature of this Concordance pattern, because these two planets are the slowest moving planets of the pattern. So, I will start with Chiron...

Chiron's Place in the Concordance

From a spiritual perspective, Chiron in Capricorn represents the wound of feeling unheard, unrecognized, passed over, held back, stifled and constricted into a physical human form (these are Saturn issues, too). These wounds are particularly acute at this present time due to the opposition with Saturn. In a sense, Saturn is shining a light on all these wounds. The other planets in this pattern will assist in the Healing and resolution of the issues involved, as we shall see in what follows.

Concerning the Healing journey of the aforementioned wounds and issues, this consists of realizing that the outer world—those people, places, events and circumstances we blame and judge as having 'created' or 'caused' these wounds/feelings in us—is a perfect reflection of our inner psychological constitution.

This being so, the Healing question for Chiron in Capricorn—applied on a global scale during this Concordance—is: where do I not listen to myself, not recognize myself, pass myself over, hold myself back, stifle myself and limit myself to the illusions of my physical senses?

Moreover, what deeper and more profound thing lies hidden behind the transient things in me and in my life that I do listen to, recognize, hold close, go with, express and indulge in—i.e. behind the one-sided, self-righteous, judgmental, inflated things that I latch on to as a protection and salve against my inner emptiness?

In truth, this deeper and more profound thing is what I'm longing to connect with and seeking to discover, recognize, embrace, set free, shine forth and manifest through my human form. It's the more permanent essence of me—what might be called higher human nature or even spirit.

Saturn's Place in the Concordance

Further illuminating the aforementioned wounds and issues is Saturn in Cancer. Saturn in Cancer asks, "Who will care for me? Who will provide me with structure, lessons, security and stability? Who will make my life's important decisions? Who will take responsibility for me?"

We all grow up, to a greater or lesser degree, feeling as though there were others in our lives who fulfilled these roles—parents, teachers, mentors, extended family and so on. Mixed in with this, there is also often the feeling that caregivers may have overstepped their role—that control, discipline, restriction, limitation, structure, tough love and so on were too much, too severe, too painful and/or too destructive.

Alternatively, we may grow up feeling as though there was no one who fulfilled these roles—that 'father' figures were missing.

Whatever the case may be, Saturn in Cancer encourages us to become our own caregivers—to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives. It encourages us to do this even where we might initially think somebody else is to blame for our predicament, for our pain and for our limitations, restrictions and deficits.

The higher octave of Saturn involves mastering the laws and forms that Saturn represents—initially perceived as limitations, restrictions and so on—and then using these in the pursuit of our higher purpose in life—purpose that ultimately boils down to one thing: helping co-create the universe.

Not only this, but Saturn in Cancer opposing Chiron in Capricorn says that taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives begins by listening to ourselves—listening to our inner voice. It encourages us to cease relying upon whether others are listening to us, acknowledging us, noticing us or giving us our due. This is about self-worth. Self-worth cannot grow if we constantly rely upon looking in the mirror of what others think (or don't think) about us.

Judgment and Blame

The outward expressions of the current Chiron/Saturn opposition are blame and judgment.

In our personal lives, we blame and judge (negatively) caregivers for what they did for us (badly executed or misguided actions), for what they didn't do for us (things they apparently neglected or simply denied us), for what they did to us (causing pain and so forth) and for what they didn't do to us (as in apparent absence of things like physical affection).

In short, there is a part of us that believes that everything is somebody else's fault—our lives, as well as the way we are. What's more, we say we can show proof of this by offering examples of cause and effect. For example, if my father beat me when I was a child (cause), maybe now I'm afraid of authority and have trouble standing up for myself (effect). Or, if my mother never showed me physical affection (cause), maybe now I can't show affection for others (effect).

Saturn and Chiron say these excuses are excuses—they are illusions. Cause and effect are illusions. (This view is supported by the latest discoveries in quantum physics and the latest theories about the true nature of the world around us.) These illusions dishonor our true nature, our true potential and the outward expression of our true calling in life. They are symptoms of not listening to ourselves—not listening to our inner voice.

Mirroring the Chiron/Saturn opposition, we see the expressions of blame and judgment on a world stage at the moment. The Arab world blames the USA and its allies for its imperialist attitudes and for its supposedly secret desire to dominate the world's oil supplies (not to mention its supposedly secret desire to overthrow Islam). The USA and its allies blame the Arab world for its extremist factions, its terrorist tactics and its supposedly secret desire to overthrow Judeo-Christian religions. Palestine blames Israel for occupation and wanton destruction. Israel blames Palestine for terrorism and anarchy. And so, it goes on.

What we don't see is that what we blame in the other we are doing equally. However, because the forms of our actions may differ from the forms of our enemies' actions, we fail to see or acknowledge that we are doing the same things as them and to the same degree.

Even on a global scale, it seems like it's always somebody else's fault. Again, what we don't realize—personally or collectively—is that what we blame, judge and then try to eradicate are actually aspects of ourselves that we are denial about. The outside world is a perfect mirror of what we are secretly and unconsciously condemning in ourselves.

By this way of dealing with things (not dealing, actually)—i.e. by pointing the finger at others—we don't have to look at ourselves. In truth, we have everything that we condemn in others. We don't like it, though, so we try to destroy the mirror image. In this way, every war is born.

What's the answer? It's to take a long hard look at what we are condemning in others and see where we have the same things. Then, with these things identified, our further task is to learn how to love these things in ourselves, seeing how each aspect of our lives and ourselves serves a higher purpose on the planet—for us and for others.

Do we have the courage to look in the mirror and love what we see? A difficult task, no doubt, but one that would change the face of the planet. This is the opportunity that this Concordance gives us.

The Moon and Jupiter's Place in the Concordance

Let's now bring the Moon and Jupiter into the picture. These planets form trines to Chiron (120-degree angles) and sextiles to Saturn (60-degree angles).

The Moon represents our lower emotional nature—our habitual and protective emotional patterns that have their origins in our childhood. The emotions of the lower nature are polarized, dualistic, one-sided; they are a symptom of seeing one side of things while not seeing, ignoring, failing to acknowledge, denying or condemning the other side(s).

However, these polarized emotions are also the raw material we have been given—material that, with conscious effort, we can transform into unconditional love. The process consists of seeking out, revealing, embracing and finally loving the flipsides of our otherwise one-sided perspectives.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus—i.e. in its strongest sign. Here, we have the greatest potential to balance our emotions and bring them into unconditional love.

Jupiter represents the Inner Child. On the one hand, it works hand in hand with the Moon to exaggerate the extremes of the emotions of our lower nature. On the other hand, it represents the potential to reconnect with the Inner Child and to help it to see the bigger picture of those things in our lives that we would otherwise judge and blame negatively.

Jupiter in Virgo is all about Healing the Inner Child, particularly when we find it in a planetary pattern with Chiron, such as in this Concordance pattern.

Taking all this together—Chiron, Moon and Jupiter in Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, respectively (we will discuss the earth element shortly)—we can say that the path of Healing (of the Chiron-in-Capricorn wounds and issues, discussed previously) involves the following:

  1. Listening to the Inner Child voice.
  2. Hearing what it has to say.
  3. Refraining from judging its perspectives.
  4. Learning to love its perspectives.
  5. At the same time (and most importantly), finding all the other balancing perspectives. Such is the path to unconditional love. It's all about transforming our lower nature's emotions into love.

Again, it's important to point out that our lower nature's emotions—our blame, judgments, stances, biases, complaints and self-righteousness—arise from our reactions to what we see in the world around us. They arise from our reactions to the mirror until we see the mirror for what it is and accept that it is a mirror. From this point onward, we are better able to accept responsibility for ourselves and our lives, no matter what we might feel were the 'causes' of things.

This is where the relationship of the Moon and Jupiter to Saturn (sextiles) comes in—i.e. in accepting personal responsibility for our reactions, attitudes, blame, judgment, lop-sided perspectives and so on.

Mars and the Sun's Place in the Concordance

Mars and the Sun form trines to Saturn and sextiles to Chiron.

Mars is all about reaction or action; it's about whether we will be driven by reactions or whether we are in a position to have an intention to act in a way that corresponds to our higher human nature. Initially, it's the former. As we Heal and evolve in consciousness, it gradually becomes the latter.

Mars in Pisces represents the extreme expression of emotions to do with feeling out of control, victimized, unfairly treated, betrayed, hard done by and so on. However, as Healing takes place, Mars increasingly represents the power of intention and purpose to overcome all illusions—to see that everything happens for a purpose and that there is a larger Plan in our lives. Thus, the illusion of victimhood disappears. We become the masters instead of the victims.

The Sun represents our potential higher human nature. Initially, this is expressed as one-sided self-righteousness-ego-or as self-deprecation. The more we see that we are everything every human being can be—the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the positive and the negative and so on—and the more we learn to love what we see, the more our higher human nature can shine though.

In a sense, the Sun is the focal point of all other planetary energies. When our wounds and issues block these energies, we cannot shine.

In Scorpio, the Sun represents the intensity and focus of the will, directed toward finding the essence of things, beyond our dualistic and lower emotional illusions.

Taken together, the Sun and Mars can assist in Healing our Chiron wounds and issues (aforementioned). The requirements, though, are:

  1. Having an intention to Heal.
  2. Seeking to see the essence of things, rather than being deluded by appearances.
  3. Consciously focusing our consciousness on the task at hand and proceeding with directed effort.
  4. Most importantly, having the courage to stand in the face of our wounds and issues, delving deep within ourselves and learning to love what we find there.

This last point relates back to the roles of Jupiter and the Moon inasmuch as we are seeking to hear the voice of our Inner Child over the noise of the emotions of our lower nature.

Similarly, the Sun and Mars can assist in the transformation of our Saturn issues (aforementioned). The requirements, though, are:

  1. Getting serious about our Healing and evolution of consciousness.
  2. Realizing that the limitations, restrictions and deficits in us and in our lives are illusions of the lower nature.
  3. Consciously working toward becoming the master of our limitations and restrictions, which are, by the way, no more or no less than the forms/features of our divinely designed life's path and purpose!
  4. Learning to love ourselves as we are, realizing that our essence is infinite and that our manifestations in the world are temporary, but exist for a purpose, too.

Taken all together—Mars, Sun and Saturn in Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer, respectively (we will discuss the water element shortly)—we can say that the transformation of our Saturn issues and, by inference, our Chiron wounds can take place only with directed, conscious, disciplined, focused and intentional effort. However, there has never been a more powerful time to start (or continue) such efforts as during this Concordance. 

The Eclipse

As we have said, the Moon represents our lower (emotional) nature, whereas the Sun represents our potential higher human nature. The journey of Healing and evolution of consciousness is mirrored in the struggle between Moon and Sun energies. Moon energies keep us earthbound, whereas Sun energies ever encourage us to rise up in the fields of consciousness and acknowledge our true nature: Light.

An eclipse (of the Moon, as distinct from an eclipse of the Sun) represents a time when the lower nature and higher nature are most at odds. In the case of a simple full Moon—i.e. Moon and Sun opposing but not eclipsing—the Moon is at it most powerful and we must struggle greatly to overcome the allure of the lower nature. This is most evident in the apparent effects of the full Moon upon people around the globe.

On the other hand, when the Earth gets in the way, as in an eclipse, the Moon becomes powerless for a moment, because the Earth blocks the rays of the Sun that the Moon relies upon for its power.

This gives the consciousness of the Earth—you and I—the chance to deliver a fatal blow to some of the illusions, issues and wounds of our lower nature. It give us the opportunity to 'shine a light' upon these issues and wounds and so see a higher perspective.

This opportunity is particularly enhanced by the other planets in this Concordance pattern. In other words, if there was ever a time to begin (or continue) a Healing and evolution journey, now is the time!

Earth and Water Elements of the Concordance

The entire Concordance pattern is expressed through earth and water elements (there is no air or fire). (It's important to note that our evolutionary (ascending) path takes us from earth to water to air to fire.)

Chiron (wounds), Jupiter (Inner Child) and Moon (lower emotional nature) are in the earth element. The earth element is about our lower emotional nature, our physical bodies and the illusions of the senses (that see things one-sidedly). However, it's also about forms, the gift of the dualistic mirror of the world and the building of structures that facilitate the evolution of consciousness.

On the other hand, the water element is about our emotional nature in transformation. It is about moving beyond the illusions of the earth element in preparation for a way of seeing (and feeling) the world that is closer to balance, harmony and love. It represents our first ascending steps back to truth, oneness, light and love.

When these two elements are combined into a pattern such as this Concordance, we are being given the perfect opportunity to take these Healing and evolutionary steps, individually and collectively.


In conclusion, it's important to repeat that this pattern is an opportunity, but one that requires our participation, our intention, our resolve, our effort and our cooperation with each other—for the sake of the collective consciousness of the planet (the consciousness of Mother Earth).

The main issue brought up by this Concordance planetary pattern is learning to listen to our inner voice. The main challenge is standing in the face of what we see about ourselves—mirrored in the outside world and in our external lives—and learning to accept, embrace and finally love what we find there. The main requirement for Healing and resolution of our issues and wounds is intention, focus and effort, guided by the wish for such Healing and resolution. The main result of attending to these things is the transformation of our lower emotional nature into a higher human nature—a nature guided by love, instead of ruled by polarized emotions.

Even something as small as reading this article and pondering the ideas presented will go a long way toward contributing to the collective evolution and Healing of the planet during this Harmonic Concordance. Every effort beyond this—whether to look in the mirror and have the courage to see, accept, embrace and love whatever you see there, whether to participate in the group meditations being organized over the Internet or whether to contribute in some other unique and/or individual way—will, of course, be welcomed by the planet.