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Events and Issues Related to Chiron's Discovery

The Cold War

- Martin Lass © 2003

(This article follows on from "Star Wars and Other Films".)
Toward the late 1950s and up to 1962, the world gradually turned its attention from the imaginary enemies of science fiction movies to the perceived enemies of the Cold War. Like the science fiction movies of the fifties, the Cold War mirrored our innate fear of the hidden, of the unknown and of the dark side of our psyches. These fears were personified in the form of the apparent enemy of communism, leading to an unprecedented build up of arms around the world. It was a world of subterfuge, of spies and secrets, of diplomatic parrying and of political rhetoric. Pluto was certainly in its element during these years. 
During the 1960s, the focal points of the Cold War included the erection of the Berlin Wall in 1961, subsequent riots in Berlin in 1962 and the Cuban Missile Crisis in the latter year. 
In Chart 1--THE BERLIN WALL, we see Chiron in Pisces and the South Node in Aquarius more or less opposing Pluto and the Moon in Virgo, North Node and Uranus in Leo and, to a lesser degree, Sun and Mercury in Leo. (Note that the exact timing of this chart is dubious--it was some time in the early hours of the morning--so we will not consider the house positions.) The separatist aspects of Virgo Pluto and Moon exacerbated the Wounds of separateness, aloneness, isolation and disconnectedness (Chiron in Pisces). These Virgo planets draw lines of delineation, define, compartmentalize, separate and tend to see differences rather than similarities. The Healing journey, of course, entails the resolution of differences, the dissolution of boundaries, the reconciliation of disparities and the synthesis of opposites. 
Early manifestation of the Chiron/Pluto oppositions of the 1960s. 


Berlin wall - Natal Chart 

Aug 13 1961, 2:30 am, EET -2:00 

Berlin, 52°N30', 013°E30' 

Geocentric Tropical Zodiac 

Koch Houses, True Node 


The Leo planets in this chart, however, say, "What is mine is mine . . . what is your is yours . . . and we take what is ours." Their main concerns are with maintaining authority, maintaining rule and position and affirming their rights in a self-righteous posture. A loose conjunction of retrograde Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn quincunxes Uranus and the North Node, indicating the restriction of freedom, the affirmation of authority and the revolutionary exercising of power. 

In the Berlin riots of 1962 (See Chart 2--BERLIN RIOTS), we see the extraordinary alignment of Chiron and Jupiter, conjunct in Pisces, opposing Pluto and Mercury, conjunct in Virgo. (Again, we will ignore the house placements due to doubt about exact timing.) These two pairs of conjunctions further trine (Chiron/Jupiter) and sextile (Mercury/Pluto) Neptune in Scorpio. Wounds/issues of blame, injustice, victimization, resentment and disenfranchisement (Chiron retrograde in Pisces) are joined by Wound/issues of the Inner Child that has lost its freedom and joy of life (retrograde Pisces Jupiter conjunct Chiron). These Wounds/issues find extreme expression in Chiron/Jupiter (the Wounds/issues) opposing Mercury/Pluto in Virgo (the voice of the Wounds/issues). The desire to break down the walls of separation (represented by the Berlin Wall) and the wish for a resolution to the impasse are both seen in the aspects of these planets to Neptune in Scorpio. Furthermore, the restrictions, limitations and stifling authority of the past (conjunction of retrograde Saturn and South Node in Aquarius) had us wishing for a more idealistic, humanitarian and free way of living. Venus in Libra, trining Saturn/South Node, engendered in us the wish for a more balanced relationship with each other, where we could dissolve the self-imposed boundaries of fear and suspiciousness. 


Chiron-opposition-Pluto in full swing in the 1960s.

Berlin riots re: wall - Natal Chart 

Aug 15 1962, 11:00 am, GMT +0:00 

Sydney, 33°S52', 151°E13' 

Geocentric Tropical Zodiac 

Solar Sign Houses, True Node 


Another chart worth looking at is the day the Berlin Wall fell. (November 9, 1989, CET.) Jupiter in Cancer exactly opposes an occultation of Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn: the old guard (Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn) falls to newfound freedom (Jupiter) and the birth (Jupiter in Cancer) of a new Germany. Chiron in Cancer, less than six degrees from Jupiter, trines a triple conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Scorpio: the awakening, expression (Sun), communication (Mercury) and transformation (Pluto and all three Scorpio planets) of the Wounds of the mother country (Chiron in Cancer). 

Finally, perhaps the most acute expression of the Cold War years came in the form of the Cuban Missile Crisis. (See Chart 3--CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS.) Again ignoring house placements, this series of events is exemplified by a conjunction of North Node and Mars in Leo (aggressive maneuvering to retain/gain control of the future balance of power) opposing an occultation of Saturn and South Node in Aquarius (past issues around control, autonomy and the freedom to live according to one's own values). Uranus in Virgo (and to a lesser degree, Pluto) shines a light on the Wounds/issues of Pisces Chiron (blame, resentment, injustice, victimization, disenfranchisement, secret enemies). The Mars/North Node, Saturn/South Node opposition brought these underlying issues to a historic head. The Sun in Libra, trining Chiron and Jupiter, seeks a resolution to the underlying issues. The quincunxes of Mars/North Node and Chiron/Jupiter and of Uranus and Saturn/South Node indicate that a new attitude toward, a new perspective on and a new appraisal of, the prevailing issues and conditions were required. 


More turmoil from the 1960s.

Cuban missile crises - Natal Chart 

Oct 22 1962, 11:00 am, EST +5:00 

Washington, 38°N53', 077°W37' 

Geocentric Tropical Zodiac 

Solar Sign Houses, True Node 


(This article is followed by "Woodstock, The Hippie Generation and the Drug Culture".)

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