Martin's Lass's Code of Ethics

when doing astrology readings or reports and when teaching astrology....


CONFIDENTIALITY:  I hold all communication with my clients in complete confidence, except in the event of a life threatening situation.  I consider my communication with my clients as sacred and have complete respect for their privacy.

EXPERTISE:  I will not give advice in areas for which I am not qualified.
Instead, I will encourage my client to seek service from appropriate individuals.  I will make referrals whenever possible.

EMPOWERMENT:  I will not make fateful statements which take the power to choose away from my clients.  Instead, I will strive to help my clients make life affirming decisions based on knowledge of their astrological cycles.

HEALING:  As a spiritually based astrologer, I consider myself a conduit through which healing guidance is brought forth from our meeting or consultation or reading revealing inspirational insights.

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT:  I will at all times maintain a professional relationship with my clients.  I will not abuse a client’s trust, nor will I do a consultation or reading for a third party to the applicant for a reading without the third party’s consent.  I will continue to study and advance my knowledge to enhance my professional development and aid me in giving helpful consultations.  I will treat other professional astrology colleagues with respect.

DISCLAIMER: All information presented in my astrology consultations, readings, and reports are for information purposes only and are in no way intended or represented as a cure, a therapy, advice, or counseling for anything whatsoever. I am neither a doctor, a mental healthcare professional, a social worker, nor a professional counselor. No warranties or representations of any nature are made with respect to the information presented in my consultations, readings, and reports, and are expressly disclaimed. As owner, author, and publisher, I shall have no responsibility for any actions taken or not taken by people based upon the information they may receive in my consultations, readings, and reports. Each receiver of information in the form of an astrology consultation, reading, or report should exercise due care in applying any of this information to themselves or their lives.

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