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Events and Issues Related to Chiron's Discovery

Chiron’s Birth – chart delineation

—Martin Lass © 2004


We can learn a lot about Chiron and its influences upon us by looking at its ‘natal’ chart—i.e. the chart of its discovery in 1977.

Birth of Chiron - Natal Chart

 Nov 1 1977, 9:56 am, PST +8:00

 Pasadena CA USA, 34°N05', 118°W09'

 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac

 Koch Houses, True Node


















Perhaps the most striking and immediately apparent feature of Chiron’s ‘natal’ chart (based on the time when Chiron was ‘birthed’ into our waking consciousness) is the conjunction of Pluto, the North Node and the Midheaven in Libra, loosely accompanied by Venus. Even if the birth time is inaccurate (and this is possible) and this puts the Midheaven away from the others, the Libra placement of the Pluto/Node conjunction, loosely accompanied by Venus, says it all. Libra, when considered from the perspective of house rulerships, represents the ‘coming out’ or ‘coming of age’ point in the chart. It is the cusp between the lower and upper hemispheres of the natural horoscope—the point where our hypnotic focus on Self begins to give way to an acknowledgment of the Other in our lives.

The wider perspective—inclusive of Self and Other—naturally engenders such questions as: Where have we come from? Where are we going? Who are we? and Why are we here?

If the birth time is accurate, the public significance of Chiron’s discovery (Pluto/Node/Midheaven conjunction) is vindicated. I suspect that the discovery may have been marginally later, in which case, the North Node and Pluto would be in the 9th house. The reasons for this are 1) the apparent disinterest of the public in this “minor” planetesimal (unlike the discovery of Pluto, for example) and 2) Chiron’s inner and philosophical nature. In short, it did not make a splash when it was discovered, neither has it attracted much public attention since. Having said all this, though, we will go with the birth time given.

Taken metaphysically, the Pluto/Node conjunction in Libra augurs the death of old illusions and lopsided perspectives, allowing a return to Balance—a return to truth, oneness and love. Specifically, these are the illusions and lopsided perspectives of our lower nature that polarizes the world into what it likes and what it does not like and that sees one side of things while missing, ignoring, denying, projecting and/or judging the other side(s) of things. (The basis of the lower nature’s way of looking at the world lies in the nature of the senses, nervous system and brain.)

The Pluto/North Node conjunction in Libra represents a call for the evolution of spirit. Within the context of Chiron’s natal chart, it clearly says that Healing and the evolution of consciousness/spirit are the same issue. The return to balance (of consciousness) is the Healing path. The death of our naïve, polarized, illusory perspectives is the Healing path. According to the zodiac of the Mysteries, aforementioned, this return path is clearly seen in the zodiac symbolism of the journey from Aries/Earth consciousness to Libra/Sun consciousness.

In summary, Chiron’s Pluto/North Node conjunction in Libra represents a revolution in consciousness—more than this: a revolution in our understanding of consciousness (hence, my personal preference for a 9th house placement of Pluto and North Node).

The Sun and Uranus, occulting in Scorpio in the 11th house, loosely accompanied by Mercury, is indicative of the revelationary nature of this discovery for Humanity at large. It is a doorway into the next world (the Sun representing the portal between the material and spiritual realms of the solar system, Uranus representing the higher logic of the larger plan of existence and Scorpio being the sign of the unseen spiritual world, beyond the attachments—Taurus—of the material illusion). The transformation/evolution of the lower nature—our polarized personas/perspectives, aforementioned—is made possible by the trine of Sun/Uranus and the Moon in Cancer in the 7th house.

Retrograde Jupiter, loosely accompanying the Moon and also in Cancer in the 7th house, intimates that the pathway to higher consciousness lies through the Inner Child doorway in the spiritual heart. This is a return to innocence, in a way. However, the oneness we return to is quite different from the oneness from which we came: the Inner Child is now experienced and wise.

Neptune in Sagittarius in the 12th house, sextiling/trining the Nodes and quincunxing the Moon, says that the way to higher consciousness—to our destiny—is via the intuition. It is via the inner journey into the psyche, in search of our essence. It is via seemingly irrational leaps of mystical insight and divinatory methods. It is by awakening to the essence of the universe: love. The lower/higher octave partnership of Moon (lower emotional nature) and Neptune (higher emotional nature, i.e. love) is apparent here. We will never be quite satisfied (quincunx) by our polarized emotions. As William James once said, nothing of the senses will ever satisfy. Love will ever call.

In addition, the Moon sits in its disseminating phase, expressing Chiron’s wish, aim and major motivation to share its knowledge, wisdom and Healing ability with the world.

Chiron’s own square with Mars in Leo and its parallel aspect with Saturn indicate the blocking of the old paradigms—the blocking of masculine, outwardly active, inwardly passive, competitive, physically based, individualistic, action based and Saturnian paradigms. In this way, it tacitly emphasizes a new paradigm that is more intuitively based, feminine, inwardly active, outwardly passive, supportive, network-based, Neptunian and outwardly spiritual. Here, again, is seen the return swing of the pendulum from a material-centric worldview to a spiritual-centric one—a reaction to five hundred some years of dominance of the mechanistic/scientific/intellect-based paradigm. Moreover, astrologically, the path to the outer planets is clearly bridged by the feminine aspects of the Asteroids.

Alongside the blocking/redirecting influences of the Saturn aspects in this chart, the parallel of Chiron and Saturn (Saturn’s only major aspect in the chart) also indicates that now is the time for the real work to begin on our collective journey of Healing and evolution of consciousness. In a sense, Saturn, like the headmaster of a school, is forcing us to sit down, stay put and listen to the messages of our new teacher, Chiron.

It is important to point out that Chiron is not saying that a spiritual worldview is better (or worse) than a material worldview. We need both sides, equally. However, history shows us that we tend to tick-tock between the two perspectives in cycles great and small. In this respect, the discovery of Chiron was but a reverse swing of the pendulum for the consciousness of Humanity.

Although it is not indicated on the chart printed in this book, five major asteroids—Vesta, Pallas, Astraea, Ceres and Juno—are clustered together with the North Node, Pluto, Venus, the Sun, Uranus, Mercury and Neptune. All these planets are all splayed out opposite Chiron (a ‘panhandle’ pattern, with Chiron as the handle). Chiron stands center stage—a focal point—illuminated by these other planets. Recalling our previous discussion about the asteroids and their place in the cosmic scheme, Chiron represents a kind of spokesperson for the asteroids at the moment of its discovery.

Finally, we come to Chiron’s own placement: retrograde in Taurus in the 4th house. Chiron’s own path, and its promise for Humanity, is the eventual return to love and trust (Taurus) in the universe (our ultimate home). It is seeing that what we previously feared, suspected, quarantined from our lives and judged negatively (Scorpio) was all part of a larger plan of love. It is the breaking down of the barriers of our protective mechanisms (expressed through the Moon) by seeing what is, rather than what was lopsidedly perceived from the perspective of our lower nature. It entails the realization that we are, in all ways and without exception, looked after by the universe (the widest view of the 4th house). There are no accidents, no mistakes and no oversights. All things truly serve us in our lives. Love is everywhere when we have the eyes to see it and the open heart to feel it.

Furthermore, it is our perception of accident, mistake, oversight, imbalance, injustice, abuse, neglect, wrong-doing, inequity, etcetera, that takes us on the journey of our lives, resulting in a Divinely Designed life’s path, purpose and service. In this way, love even lies at the root of our misperceptions. Our misperceptions take us on a path that ultimately awakens us to love. The feeling or judgment of a lack of love drives us toward such an awakening, impelling us to seek love and to discover it in places that we would have never previously thought possible.

The Wound of Chiron in Taurus in the 4th house says love is missing and the universe is not looking after us. The Healing Journey is the return to love and the awakening to the ways in which we are truly looked after. The Gift in the Wound is our Divine Design, orchestrated by our misperceptions, and the experience of love via this Divine Design.

Furthermore, the Taurean placement of Chiron in this chart clearly indicates the issue of missingness, not only in emotional terms, but also in physical and sensory terms. The lesson is that, ultimately, nothing of the senses will ever satisfy us . . . when all illusions of physical and sensory missingness are dissolved, we become aware of the abundance of love within us and all around us. This missingness has its seat in the very nature of our dualistic senses, aforementioned. When the illusions of pain and pleasure—mirrored in the duality of the senses—are dissolved into higher consciousness, we come closer to truth, oneness and unconditional love. The feeling of missingness (the Wound) drives us toward wholeness, completeness and unity. That is its gift.

An area worthy of further study, but that goes beyond the scope of this book, is Chiron’s place in the ‘births’ of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In short, in Uranus’s birth, Chiron conjuncts the North Node in Taurus and both of these square Pluto. In Neptune’s birth, Chiron is parallel Pluto in Libra and opposes Uranus (the last time before the 1952 opposition). In Pluto’s birth, Chiron occults the North Node, again in Taurus, while opposing the Moon and squaring Mars.


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Copyright Martin Lass ©2004