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What will you get in your Personalized Chiron Report?


  • Total of approximately 30 pages of interpretations of Chiron,
    all tailored to your personal birth horoscope, based on the interpretative text of Martin's definitive book on Chiron ("Chiron - Healing Body and Soul", Llewellyn Publications 2005).
  • Chapter 1, "The Chiron Paradigm", from Martin's aforementioned book on Chiron.
  • A Graphic chart printout.
  • Interpretations of your Sign, House, Aspects & major Chiron Transits.
  • A personalized 13-Month current Chiron Transit Report
    (Dated from the beginning of the month of the date of the report).
  • Delivered as a PDF document in an email attachment (emailed).
    (PDF documents will open on most any computer, PC or Mac, and are completely safe as they cannot carry viruses.)
  • NOTE: This report does NOT include an integration of Chiron in sign and house or of the whole chart in general. For this, a full personal reading would be necessary. See below for the difference between a report and a reading.

Your Report will be delivered by email attachment in less than 48 hours, usually less than 24 hours.

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Martin Lass's Code of Ethics when doing astrology readings or reports

Chiron Report by Martin Lass

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An Astrology Report compiles individual interpretations of the various aspects of your birth chart. It does not seek to integrate these individual interpretations. In a quality Report, though, the interpretations are written by a qualified professional astrologer.

An Astrology Reading takes these invididual interpretations and seeks to integrate them into a dynamic and living picture of you and your life. An Astrology Reading requires personalized service from a qualified professional astrologer and will cost considerably more than an Astrology Report.

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