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Chiron on my Mind

The Anatomy of Wounding and Healing

Martin Lass ©1997

"If the Universe is a cosmic symphony, then we are the music and healing is our ascending melody."

Personal Introduction

In 1992, Chiron thrust its way into my life. The first half of 1992 I remember as a time of despair at my sense of disconnectedness to the universe, to life and to love. I called out to the universe for help. The response came in the following way:

I had a dream in July of that year where I was holding a female figure in my arms. it may have been my daughter, it may have been my lover, it may have been my mother. in any case it was female and she was dying. I remember the anguish, despair and pain that I experienced in the knowledge that she was dying. And then she did die.

In the dream, I remember diving, so to speak, into the pain of her loss. I went deeper and deeper into the pain until I thought I could bear no more. At that exact moment, she came alive again and my pain was transformed into love. I awoke from the dream with tears streaming down my face from the explosion of love that was in my heart.

In retrospect, I understand that this dream was a healing process of my reconnection to my female side, my intuition, my sense of connectedness to the nurturing aspects of the universe.

Before this dream, a close friend of mine—a psychic healer and channel—contacted me to say that she had messages for me from her guidance and that we should meet. In the meantime I had the dream.

When we met, amongst other things, my friend told me two things that changed my view of the universe forever. The first was that I should consider the planets to be living, sentient being with evolutionary paths just like us, but on a different scale from us. This understanding, which I recognised intuitively as a truth that I 'knew' already but hadn't acknowledged consciously, has been one of the major factors in the evolution of my understanding of astrology and cosmology.

The second thing that she told me, although she was not an astrologer as such, was that I needed to become acquainted with the asteroid, Chiron. I had not, up until then, bothered with Chiron or any of the other asteroids, thinking them unimportant as yet! On that day, when my friend told me this, my conscious understanding of Chiron and its workings began.

The first thing I did was to recalculate my natal chart, this time including Chiron—Aquarius, 12th house, retrograde. I also calculated my Chiron transits for this period of time. As it turned out, at the time of my dream and my meeting with my friend, Chiron was transiting my natal Uranus conjunct Sun. Within two months of this, Chiron did its opposition transit to my natal Chiron.

All of these events and those that ensued were enough to convince me of the validity of Chiron and gave me a first-hand experience of its energies and influence. I felt as though Chiron had chosen me to relay its message. Five years later, after many experiences, much study and hundreds of case histories, I am now writing a book about Chiron. The remainder of this article presents some of the material of this up-coming book.

Prelude to the Discovery

There is an ancient North American prophecy that says that when the planet of healing is discovered in the sky, this is when the sacred warrior teachings will return to the Earth. I believe that this prophecy is now being fulfilled. Some of these ancient teachings will be presented in what follows.

The period of time leading up to the discovery of Chiron—its birth, so to speak—was unprecedented in recent history and not equalled in the next two hundred years in terms of the frequency of aspects of Chiron and the other outer planets. Uranus and Pluto, and to a lesser degree Saturn and Neptune, set the scene for Humanity's awakening to Chiron, thus allowing its discovery to take place.

Perhaps the most striking aspect was the 41 oppositions of Uranus and Chiron between 1952 and 1989. In the middle of that we had Chiron in opposition to Pluto 11 times between 1961 and 1965. In the latter years of 1965, '66 and '67, Pluto conjuncted Uranus in opposition to Chiron conjunct Saturn. a kind of dance went on that sent the world as we knew it into turmoil: the sixties.

In a sense, the Uranus oppositions were helping to throw light upon Chiron—upon the unresolved, un-addressed and unacknowledged painful issues of Humanity at the time, personal and global. This aspect appears in the natal charts of many people who have a calling to heal—either self or others or both. Uranus does not let us hide our painful unresolved issues. The answer is to fight, escape or deal with them. More on this later.

Pluto's opposition was a call to Humanity to wake up to the universe beyond Saturn—the place where our collective conscious was stuck. It is no accident that on the very day that Chiron was discovered—November 1, 1977—that Pluto and the North Node (destiny and evolution) were exactly conjunct in Libra on the Midheaven. The Virgo to Libra journey is one of the essences of Chiron's message and rulership as we shall see. (See figure 1.)

Saturn's part, in conjunction to Chiron in those mid sixties, was to point the way beyond the fixed and dead structures of social, moral, political and psychological forms that had outlived their purpose. Personal responsibility needed to supersede authoritarian control—hence the breaking down of all these old paradigms by the youth of the sixties. A quantum leap of consciousness was needed, but it was necessary to leap into the void first, not knowing where it would take us. This was the shaman's journey of the Spirit into the underworld or overworld—a leap into the void beyond Saturn, in search of the next step. The scene was set for the discovery of Chiron.

Neptune's part, in trine to Chiron from 1963 to 1968, was to whisper of the possibility of finding Unconditional Love—to connect our hearts to the actuality of Love, Oneness and Divine Grace. The catch-call of the sixties, 'Make love, not war!' expressed this inner striving.

The Wounded Healer

After Chiron's discovery in 1977, it was not long before the mythology of Chiron and the symbol of the wounded healer became associated with planetoid Chiron's influence. Let's quickly recap these themes so that we can build upon them for our subsequent understanding of Chiron.

In the myth, Chiron was the offspring of Kronos (Saturn) and Philyra the nymph. He was born a centaur—upper half man and lower half horse. His mother was so disgusted by his appearance that she abandoned him.

Chiron never knew his father and was subsequently fostered by Apollo, god of the Sun, music, prophecy, poetry and healing. In the various versions of the myth, Chiron was either wounded in the leg by others or accidentally wounded himself. In both cases the wound was considered incurable.

Chiron, being immortal, was doomed to suffer his incurable wound for eternity. However, through an extraordinary arrangement, he traded his immortality—and thus his suffering—for the release of the god, Prometheus. Prometheus had stolen fire from the other gods and given it as a gift to Humanity. For this Zeus chained him to a rock, and set loose a monstrous griffon upon him, that pecked out his liver daily (after it grew back each night).

Chiron pleaded Prometheus' case to Zeus who eventually agreed to the exchange. Prometheus was released and Chiron died. The gift of fire is symbolic of the gift of consciousness, which, in the 20th century, finds expression in the search for alternative paths of spiritual growth and healing. As we strive for this growth and healing, we symbolically reincarnate Chiron within us, healing the incurable wound.

Replete within these myths are all the foundation stones for the understanding of Chiron, the planetoid/asteroid/comet. Perhaps the most important of these symbols is the symbols of the wounded healer. The centaur is on a journey of a healing reconnection of earthy self and heavenly self. The abandoned Chiron is on a healing journey of reconnection to his mother's love and to his missing father, both to be found eventually within himself.

The incurable wound, combined with the foster father of Apollo, god of healing, sets him on a journey of healing—to learn the healing arts and practice upon others, his own incurable wound driving him ceaselessly. The exchange with Prometheus is the mythical journey into the under or over world—to go beyond the perceived limitations of ordinary life to find the answer to the healing quest. Chiron's subsequent reincarnation into the heavenly body between Saturn and Uranus is the finale to the story, the message now clear for all to see in the skies.

Ultimately, his journey is the journey that every one of us is on—the journey of reconnection to our divine origins. The wounding can be seen to be our incarnation process itself and the disconnection from divinity (Oneness) into duality (fragmentation). The healing journey is a journey towards greater wholeness, greater integrity, greater Oneness and greater Love—back towards our divine origins.

Other Themes

Briefly, some of the other themes that revolve around Chiron are:

There are, of course, more themes, but limitations of space here prevent us from exploring all of them. The other themes are set out in my book (see below).

"The path of healing lies through the wound, not around it."—Chiron.

The Anatomy of Wounding

My understanding of Chiron has grown layer by layer. To relate this understanding, it is necessary to work from the top down. In this way, the purely astrological considerations will come at the end. humour my Uranian perversity!

To understand the wounding process we need to explore a few Universal Laws and to look at the incarnation process itself. Firstly, the whole of Creation can be described as a cycle of Oneness to Many-ness (the Big Bang) and back to Oneness (evolution). (See diagram 2.) This is called the cosmogonic cycle.

Physicists describe the descent from Energy (Spirit) into Matter as the Big Bang. From the initial explosion ("let there be light"), primary particles split into sub-particles and these in turn split into sub-sub-particles and so on until we have the universe as we know it: a sea of sub-atomic quantum particles. So this part of the cosmogonic cycle hold true—from One to Many.

The return from Many to One is the inexorable march of the evolution of life and consciousness in the universe. From a chaotic sea of particles, complexity, order and intelligence arise (from where?!) to create greater and greater life forms, each subsequent evolutionary step being more intelligent and more capable of self-actualised consciousness.

Turning to the next diagram (diagram 3.), we see the cosmogonic cycle expressed in the process of incarnation and ex-carnation (evolution).

From the Soul Seed, at the magnetosphere of the solar system, we descend into matter, fragmenting as we go, into many personas. From here we go through our cycles of incarnation, gradually raising our consciousness through each of the seven astral planes until we rejoin with the Sun (self-actualised consciousness).

From here we continue to expand our consciousness until we eventually rejoin with the Soul Seed (soul mate) at the edge of the solar system (magnetosphere). It is worth pondering here that our spiritual journey is literally an astronomical journey.

The process of raising our consciousness is the process of fusing (alchemy) fragments (personas) into greater unity and integrity—to rejoin all the disconnected parts of ourselves into a unity of consciousness: our One true being.

All the little personas represent dualities: lies, illusions, stances, emotions, judgements, etc. that we have accumulated through the incarnation process itself which, by the way, does not end until about the age of 36. From here, the process of the breakdown of form in preparation for the return to Spirit becomes accelerated—ex-carnation. (No more mothers' milk! Bad joke.)

Disease or wounding is synonymous with the process of incarnation—gradual fragmentation and disconnection from the unity of our divine origins. The longer we remain stuck in any issue (duality, illusion, lie, stance, emotion, judgement) the more likely it will descend into grosser and grosser matter, eventually manifesting as physical disease.

Creation and Dualised Consciousness

Looking at the next diagram (diagram 4.) we see the detail of the actual process of Creation (the descent into matter).

White light splits into particle and anti-particle (electron and positron). These sub-particles are called fermions. Every fermion has a charge and as such attracts and repels other fermions. For every fermion in existence there is an anti-fermion corresponding to it. These pairs of fermions seek each other for their eventual rejoining into less polarised light.

These pairs, in spiritual terms, are called soul-mates.

From the point of view of our psychology, each splitting into an fermion pair represents a perception. At the point of perception, two personas are birthed—persona and anti-persona, so to speak.

Each persona is an emotion, illusion, half-truth, lie, stance or judgement. The process of multiple splitting of particles of light into sub-particles creates our very consciousness. Consciousness is a cloud of charged particles of polarised light (fermions).

As we said above, each perception that we have births two personas. Of these two personas, one expresses pain and the other expresses pleasure, one says more pain than pleasure and the other says more pleasure than pain, one says more wrong than right and the other says more right than wrong.

The pain/pleasure duality is the primary illusion that we live under. In actuality, pain and pleasure are always equally balanced throughout our lives. Our Lower Mind, however, judges one to be greater than the other. It perceives all things in terms of such dualities. The most basic animal urge right down to the cellular level is the seek pleasure and avoid pain.

Of these two personas that express pain and pleasure, wrong and right, evil and good, black and white respectively, one is expressed in our consciousness and the other is repressed in our consciousness. The determination of which one becomes expressed and which one becomes repressed is entirely due to the planetary influences of our natal chart.

The result in us, as a cloud of charged particles of light, is an expressed or light side of our nature and a repressed or dark side. All psychology stems from this fact.

The Wound Defined

What we perceive and call a wound in our lives is an expressed persona of pain, wrong-doing, imbalance and judgement. The Lower Mind here says, 'more pain than pleasure, more wrong than right, more evil than good, more black than white' with respect to an event, issue, circumstance or person. (See diagram 5.)

The repressed persona that holds the other side of the perception is hidden within us. Chiron says that there is a Gift in every Wound. Our expressed perception of pain takes us on a journey of healing—a journey to reconnect with the repressed persona (ion). Our perception of what is missing in our lives or what needs fixing or setting right, what needs re-balancing or healing takes us on a journey. in the process we become who we are: we become that which we are Divinely Designed to be.

"The nature and placement of the wound determines the path of Service." —Chiron

To repeat, the expressed persona, in this case the perception of more pain than pleasure, more wrong than right, more evil than good, more black than white, takes us on a quest to rejoin with the repressed persona that holds the key to the true perception of what took place at the moment the wounding occurred. Our personas are fermions on a quest. Quest-ions. Questions.

When we reconnect with the repressed personas, healing takes place and our questions are answered. At the moment of healing there is the Silence of Love, a moment of greater Light. (See diagram 6.)

In diagram 5. we see evolution and the healing process as expressed through particle physics of light. The two fermions—particle and anti-particle—when bombarded against each other, annihilate each other and birth a new particle of light: a photon. This is referred to as the Collapse in physics.

The photon is greater in light than the previous two particles that it was created from—greater in light, greater in consciousness, greater in Love, closer to Truth, closer to Oneness, more whole, integrated and healed.

Taking this picture into psychological terms, when our expressed persona meets its repressed anti-persona and we stand in the light of greater truth about the nature of our wound or issue, this persona pair fuses into one, collapsing our previous illusions. We thus birth greater truth, greater wholeness, greater consciousness, greater light and greater love. in short, we heal. Is the picture becoming clear?

The light that we speak about in physics is the same Light that we speak about when talking about consciousness and spirituality. It is not just a metaphor; it is actuality. Physicists are now convinced that all matter is nothing more and nothing less than polarised light.

The task of evolution is to turn all the matter in the universe back into energy (Spirit). Einstein's equation E=MC2 says that to reach the speed of light (total consciousness, total love) that we would need to transform the entire mass of the universe into energy! At the speed of light, relatively speaking, time stops and space condenses to a point.

In other words, the most basic of our illusions of reality—the illusions of space and time—dissolve when we reach total consciousness. In this state, we are non-locally connected to everything in the universe in the moment of NOW. The illusions of abandonment, separation, aloneness, dysfunction, loss, death all dissolve into the awareness of Oneness, Light and Love.

The Planetary Journey

So where does Chiron fit into this picture? If healing is nothing less than the journey back to the consciousness of Love and Oneness then where does Chiron stand?

Consider our evolutionary and healing journey to be a gradual expansion of consciousness that begins in the womb. When we are born, we come under planetary influence from smaller to greater concentric spheres of consciousness represented by the smallest to largest orbits of the planets themselves. We begin with the Moon as its orbit is closest to the Earth. Then we trace a journey through our lives through the issues of Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun, Asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto/Charon, in that order.

The planetary issues are, in order:

  1. Earth: Incarnation
  2. Moon: Nurture, protection, flight or fight
  3. Venus: Feeling nature, attraction/repulsion (ions)
  4. Mars: Physical, action, self-will, drive (of ions)
  5. Mercury: Thinking, association, variety of experience
  6. Sun: Will, self-actualisation potential
  7. Asteroids: Connecting male/female, right/left brain, etc.
  8. Jupiter: The calling, the dream, the outward journey
  9. Saturn: Personal responsibility, the end of blame
  10. Chiron: Healing, Gratitude, the Gift in the Wound
  11. Uranus: beyond paradox, the divine plan, higher understanding
  12. Neptune: Love, Oneness, reconnected to divine origins
  13. Pluto/Charon: new cycle, next issue, portal to galactic consciousness

The Healing Journey

Our greatest wounds—our greatest voids—take us on a journey of healing, a journey of evolution. Our greatest voids determine our greatest values—that which we seek. In the process, we become who we are—we uncover our Divine Design. There are no accidents in the universe—no mistakes, no injustice, no imbalances.

That's right. there are no imbalances. The universe is, always was and ever shall be in perfect balance. It is our perception of the universe, of our lives and of ourselves that is out of balance.

The process of healing is the process of re-balancing our perceptions by seeking the repressed personas of our expressed wounds and coming to the realisation that, in the process of seeking, we have become what we were meant to be. our unique Service to the Creation. What a miracle!

"Healing is the gradually awakening to the perfection of your life." —Chiron

Simply put, when we learn to Love everything about our lives, including our wounds, by seeing the implicate order, the perfection, the balance and beauty of it all, we heal. We grow. We evolve.

Anything that we don't love in our lives runs our lives (ions driving us on a quest for reconnection to their respective anti-ions). We become the master and co-creator of anything that we love in our lives.

Astrologically speaking, the orbit of Chiron is where Humanity's collective consciousness stands right now. We stand on the threshold of acknowledging the Universe beyond Saturn. We stand at the threshold of the Aquarian/Uranian Age.

This threshold is the threshold between the lower and upper hemispheres of the zodiac—from the 'inner' world to the acknowledgement and rejoining with the 'outer' world. That threshold is the threshold from Virgo to Libra and from Virgo to Pisces, from the 6th to the 7th houses and from the 6th to the 12th houses.

Saturn says that we need to stop blaming others and outside circumstances for our wounds and unresolved issues and look seriously at what part we played in the creation of these wounds and issues.

Chiron says that it was all part of the plan into which we were born. When we unveil the magnificence and perfection of that plan, seeing the Service, benefit and Gift in the wound or issue, we come to a state of Gratitude for what is. We come to a state of Gratitude that the universe is exactly the way it is—that we are exactly the way we are. And it is Gratitude that takes us to Love.

"Gratitude is the levitative force that allows us to break through the barrier of our present concentric sphere of consciousness. Gratitude is the key that opens the gateway to our heart. Gratitude is nothing more than our acknowledging God's perfect balance. Gratitude takes us to Love."

—Dr. John F. Demartini

In the Chart

So we finally come to the astrological stuff! Simply put, Chiron in the chart points to the place of our greatest expressed wound—expressed consciously or unconsciously as part of our personality pattern.

Remember that the wound is a perception. Actuality says that there was no imbalance at the point of wounding. The illusion of imbalance is what takes us on our journey. The Chiron position in the chart is the place where our greatest drive to seek the answers to our existence comes from. Ultimately, our greatest wound is the perception of our disconnection from divinity.

Our Chiron position points to what we feel is missing in our lives, to what needs fixing, correcting, re-balancing and healing. It takes us on a quest, the outcome of which is to become who we are Divine Designed to become. Our greatest wound becomes our greatest gift. Our greatest void becomes our greatest value. All other wounds and unresolved issues revolve around the original wound or issue.

Chiron's placement in our natal chart determines our particular and unique path of Service. It takes us on a journey to discover and uncover our calling, our mission, our dream in life. That calling or mission or dream is the very thing that, in our Heart of Hearts, we would love to do more than anything else in the world. This is the highest potential for the entire pattern of our natal chart. When we connect with this calling, we know we are on purpose, on track and experience it as Love.

Every person on the planet has such a calling, mission and dream. The degree to which our calling can shine is the degree to which we have healed and the degree to which our consciousness has risen in our cycles of incarnation.

The sign in which Chiron appears determines the nature of the wound and the house determines the area of life in which that wound and its accompanying Gift of Service is acted out. We seek to fix, heal, correct, re-balance in the outside world, corresponding to the house placement, that which reflects our own inner need for the same.

In Aspect

The most acutely placed Chiron in terms of aspects brings the calling to heal—self and/or others. In my vast collection of case histories, Chiron conjunctions and oppositions to other major chart points bring out the greatest drive and calling to heal. The classic arrangement for many 'called' healers that I have seen is Chiron opposition to Uranus T-squaring the Sun. Another is Chiron conjunct Sun or North Node.

Recently I have started to attract clients from the difficult era of the mid-sixties with Chiron in opposition to Pluto often with Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo. These people are set to take the highest message of Chiron to Humanity—to carry the new paradigm of healing into the new millennium.

Chiron conjunct, opposite or squaring other planetary points brings out different aspects of wounding and healing—different lessons of Love.

In Transit

Chiron transiting the natal points brings to light the unresolved and unhealed issues of those points giving the opportunity to heal and resolve the issues associated with them.

For example, Chiron transiting Venus in the 7th house will bring unhealed and unresolved issues of relationship, past and present to the fore, inner or outer, depending upon the direction of the transit (direct or retrograde). The degree of readiness to confront the pain of these issues will determine the actual healing that takes place.

Planetary transits to Chiron activate the core wounding issues in our lives. Obviously, the slower the transiting planet, the more impact this will have.

For example, Saturn transiting will be asking us to take responsibility for our wounds and unresolved painful issues. Uranus will try to give us a glimpse of the higher understanding of our wounds. Neptune will try to awaken us to the possibility of reconnecting with love and light beyond the pain of the wound. Pluto transiting Chiron will give the wound a mighty shake and try to get us to turn our current understanding of it upside-down. Chiron transiting Chiron always encourages us to find the path of healing one way or another.

The Symbolism of Chironic Issues

Often the wounds are perceived to be so painful or so deeply buried that in order to approach them at all it is necessary to approach through a buffer, so to speak. The symbolism of archetypes, dreams and 'past-life' therapy offer this kind of stepping stone. To describe a wound in terms of a 'past-life' experience can help clients to connect with the issues in a roundabout way.

For example, a Pisces retrograde Chiron could be described as a nun in a nunnery doing her service to God by helping children and the destitute, by giving aid to the poor and helping the less fortunate. Then along comes a band of marauding pirates and rapes and murders the children before raping and murdering the nuns themselves. Such a scenario describes the wound of a loss of faith in divinity, i.e. how could a merciful, just, compassionate and loving God allow such a thing to occur? The symbol accurately describes the perceptual feeling of this wound.

The actual circumstances of a person's life that led to such a perception can be quite different. However, emphatically, the circumstances will always be found in the current lifetime. It is not necessary to go into past lives for the origins of any wounds. To maintain the belief that the origin is in past lives beyond the usefulness of this kind of thinking is to perpetuate a condition whereby total healing is not reached.

Similarly, dreams, such as my own described above, can give a clue to where to look for the origins of a wound. The use of psychological archetypes, whether coupled with astrology or more traditional therapy can also provide this type of stepping stone.

A New Approach to the Reading Process

One of the greatest Gifts that Chiron brings us is the realisation that nothing in our lives or in the lives of our friends, family, acquaintances or clients needs fixing! We are all perfect as we are, all on a journey of evolution towards greater consciousness and Love. Whatever lessons we are experiencing right now are the right lessons for us.

In terms of reading the natal chart for clients, if we begin with the realisation and acknowledgement that this person sitting in front of us is perfect already, then it becomes our task to unveil that perfection to our own eyes and to the eyes of the client through the reading process.

The very unveiling of the magnificence, balance, beauty, harmony and perfection of our lives is itself the healing process. Whether we call ourselves healers or not, we astrologers are truly healers gifted with a blessed calling.

A Miscellany of Chironic Titbits!

Here are some interesting observations, facts and opinions that you can chew on in your leisure time.

* When Chiron conjuncts the North Node a new batch of healers passes through their graduation ceremony. This conjunction in February 1969 at 0o Aries birthed the forerunners of the new healing paradigm; this was a new beginning. They knew not where they were going but leap out into the void anyway in true Aries fashion!

* The conjunction of July 1984 in Gemini birthed a collection of channellers relaying messages of wisdom from higher spheres of consciousness—quantum leap stuff.

The conjunction of July 1996 in Libra birthed a group of healers to challenge the idea of dysfunction in relationship—to bring a new way of dealing with, understanding and healing the wounds of relationship and interactions of people in general.

The conjunction of June 2008 in Aquarius will be the beginning of the next step of the healing of Humanity's wounds towards itself—toward one world.

* Chiron conjuncted Pluto in 1941, midway through WW2. The Jews were the focal point of the expressed persona of this event. What was the repressed persona? What was the Gift of Service?

Interestingly, the next Chiron conjunct Pluto occurs on the 30th of December, 1999—Nostradamus' date for the 'descent of the Red Terror from the skies!'

* Chiron's rulership was initially put in Sagittarius due to the superficial connection of the horse and the mythical centaur. Gradually the rulership has become more accepted to be in Virgo, due to the healing nature of this sign—connecting all the bits, the details, the persona fragments into a more unified picture.

However, this does not complete the picture. The healing process, as we have discussed above, consists of returning, in our consciousness, to a more balanced perception of ourselves and the world around us. This perception is closer to the actuality of Creation which is always in perfect balance. This process corresponds to Libra and the transition from the lower to the upper hemisphere of our zodiac journey. Furthermore, the journey from fragmentation and dissociation (Virgo), synthesising and healing all the separated parts back into Unity, Oneness and Love is the journey from Virgo to Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house. Food for thought!

* Chiron sits in our physiology in several main places. Primarily it sits between the third chakra (solar plexus), which is the seat of our lower nature and of our dualistic perceptions and the fourth chakra (the heart), which is the seat of our higher feeling and portal to the Soul that knows Truth, Oneness and Unconditional Love.

The path of healing is the alchemical transformation of our lower-natured dualistic perceptions into the awareness of unity and Love—the opening of the Heart.

* Chiron also sits in the static loops of our neurology where we are stuck in lop-sided perceptions (illusions, lies, emotions, personas, stances, judgements). The longer our neurology remains in an unbalanced state as a result of our lop-sided perceptions, the more likely the stuck issue will result in hormonal, chemical, electrical and finally cellular dysfunction—disease.

The purpose of disease is to wake us up to what we are not loving in our lives—to those things about which we have a lop-sided perception.

* Chiron will oppose its own natal position (1977) on 29th September this year (1997) in Scorpio. (See diagram 7.)

This pays homage to Pluto when it conjuncted the North Node at Chiron's birth into our consciousness in 1977. The balance of signs at this opposition transit is heavily weighted towards Libra, Virgo and Scorpio. Mercury conjuncts the Node in Virgo, the messenger of healing broadcasting to the world.

The Moon also sits in Virgo in its balsamic phase. This expresses the destiny of healing—a prophecy of the future. The Sun is in Libra, transiting Chiron's natal 9th house, expressing the wisdom of the new day—a new paradigm in healing, psychology, human relations, function/dysfunction... a new understanding of the balance that is implicate within our lives and the lives of those with whom we interact.

As this time approaches, look for the new paradigm that stresses the power of Gratitude—the power that seeing the perfection of our lives has to heal and transform our lives, carrying us towards true Unconditional Love.

* Physicists know that all things have fields of energy around them and that these fields extend to infinity. Our consciousness is the boundary of what we have loved about ourselves and our lives and that which we have not yet loved.

If we are an infinite field of consciousness, interacting with the infinite fields of consciousness of the planets, then where do we end and the planets begin? The planets are as much within us as they are outside of us. And they are alive, sentient and able to be communicated with if we can find the right frequency. just like a radio station.

The illusion of separation is just that. an illusion. Chiron's message augurs the expanding awareness of the holographic universe where all things are acknowledged to be connected beyond space and time.

* * *

"The wound that Chiron can help us heal is the wound where we are split from ourselves. where we suffer a sense of separation and lack of Unity. of Oneness. of Wholeness.

"The wound is a gift, an opportunity in this life to bring together that which is apart—that which lies apart from us—that which lies within the dark.

"There is a lie involved in this dark. The lie that says there is any aspect of ourselves which is not worthy of the Light.

"The belief that we have taken on—that we are not worthy, that there is an aspect that we should be ashamed of. an emotion, a thought, a feeling, an idea, an aspect of our uniqueness. a difference that sets us apart from others—is what causes a wound of separation.

"Sometimes the wound is obvious and the dis-ease is clear. Sometimes the wound is covered over—the dis-ease is still within our system but we cannot find the cause.

"Chiron says, I offer you the opportunity to see with loving compassion all that you are. to see the two sides of the wound and that which lies in between so you may be reconciled with yourselves and others. so you may re-connect, re-member, re-surrect the God within.

"Then you will see yourselves as I see you. Whole, Perfect and Joyous. Children of God. Graced. Never apart. Never separate. Never a-lone but all-one. I offer at-one-ment. The healing. The soothing. The blessing. It is my service, my role, my choice. What is your choice?"

—Rickie Hilder, channelling Chiron.