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Martin Lass - "Love Makes the Worlds Go Around"

"Love Makes the Worlds Go Around
The Living Planets Speak - A Book of Planetary Inspirations"
by Martin Lass copyright 2001



You are a star child,
borne of Love,
borne of Light,
fashioned from star stuff...

You have a galaxy
inside you,
filled with
living planets, fiery comets
and spinning stars,
filled with
an eternal dance
of color, music and rhythm,
filled with
the Love, Light and Hope
of your Creator.

You are a Creator
in embryo,
an infant star traveler,
on a journey
towards Oneness.

Your destiny
to Shine...

(the Solar System)


is the gradual awakening
to the perfection
of your life.



you are like an unsteady flame
flickering in the wind,
seeking, seeking...
Come back to the source
every day;
to that still, unflickering flame
that lies in your Heart.

Still your body,
Still your thoughts,
Still your feeling
and listen quietly
in your Heart.

Through your Heart
you will know Truth;
you will know who you are,
where you come from,
where you are going
and why you are here.

Here you will find
what you seek:

(Saturn, Venus, Neptune)


When all crying is done,
when all tears are spent,
when your Heart becomes Still:
in the Silence...
and know,
with every breath,
that you are Loved.



Perhaps you resist
the Dance of Life
out of fear
of taking a wrong step?
There are no wrong steps
in this Dance!
If you dance this way
or you dance that way,
alone or with others,
slow or fast,
serious or light,
it will take you
to where you are going.

Your only decision
is whether
to join the Dance
or not.

You are the Dance.



Embrace all that you are,
the light, the dark,
the good, the bad,
the saint, the sinner,
the black, the white,
the right, the wrong,
the priest, the prostitute,
the connected, the abandoned,
the One, the fragmented,
for they are all part
of the Love
that you are.

There is nothing
in existence
that is not Love.

Love makes the worlds go around.

(the Solar System)