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Angels, Apollo & I AM - Excerpt

Angels, Apollo & I AM
A Journal of Inner Healing and Angelic Contact
Poems, angelic messages and black-and-white art photographs
by Martin Lass copyright 2001

an'gel (-j-), n.
1. Overlighting spirit, divine messenger, oversoul, supernal intelligence, deva, god, morphic field, conscious essence, living waystation for the exchange of the evolving and involving currents of Creation...
2. Being who is the Recipient, Holder and Minister of an Evolving Divine Pattern of Creation... for the Manifestation of Unity through the Pattern's specific Diversity.

Apoll'o, n.
Ancient god of the Sun, music, poetry, dance, light, healing, and prophecy.  Symbolic of the I AM presence in each of us.

when I know, I feel, and I sense with all my Being that I am Here and Now.

Late in the night,
the Angel of Silence
leads me into Peace and Stillness...

"Let your toils and turmoils drop away,
like the day's clothing.
Listen to your Body Breathe...
Let the machinations of the world of Men
dissipate into the bosom of Silence,
into the Ocean of Unborn Potential.
Let me Soothe you, Heal you,
give you a safe Haven.
Let me wrap you in a cloak of Nurturing,
drawing you close to the Angel of Sleep.

Sleep now...
and know that God is near,
and that ALL is ONE."

My brother...
That you can see white
and I see black
means that we can both see gray,
if we are Open.
Coincidence or Synchronicity,
"Meant to be" or "Reading into it",
Mechanistic or Animistic,
Evolution or Divine Plan,
Logical or Random,
Thinking or Feeling...
...what does it matter?
Life is still a WONDROUS Mystery!
That we, as Humans,
can walk the spaces
between seeming opposites
is part of our Gift.

Our Connection and Reconnection
fills me with Love and Gratitude
that is beyond all opposites.
And it gives me Joy
that, in the Pondering
of the Mysteries of Life,
we can, as brothers,
also become Brothers.

I Wish you all Happiness.

(for my brother, Kurt)

The Angel of Rain -

"When the Rain comes,
the World enters into a Quiet Communion...
...an upward-turning Gesture
of Acceptance, Gratitude, and Love
for my Life-Giving Blessing.

The trees, the flowers and the plants
are held in a transfixed Rapture,
the Earth itself drinks greedily,
and the Air is washed fresh...
...transmuted by the Holy Exchange.

If Man, too, could enter into
the Rain's Gift,
(the steady, contemplative falling,
the clean, freshening perfume,
the Love in Action of Sacred Water),
Drinking it in with all his Being,
he would never again
feel the need
to complain about the weather!"

Angel of Sunflower -

"I Express Life 
with Tumultuous Abandon!
I Live Life
in unfettered Joy.
I am Bold and Free,
Wild and Proud,
but without airs or strutting.

I Give myself Totally
to the currents of
Love, Light and Life,
holding back nothing.
I am an open Book
brazenly speaking of GOD,
for all to see,
for all to drink of,
for all to connect with.
I Love Life!
I AM a Celebration
in the Celebration of Creation!

You KNOW where the Door is
to come and join me...
...so in Trust and Courage
I beckon you to walk through that Door.
For at any instant
is a Forever Moment,
a Portal open...
...Leap through it!
Don't hesitate!
Don't deliberate!
Life is a Gift,
to be Embraced
with Wild Passion!
With the total Abandon
of pure Love and Joy!

At every Forever Moment
you might touch GOD
for an instant,
for an Eternity,
and then never be the same again,
New and Fresh at every Now,
always in Motion,
always in Dance,
always in Love..."

I stand on the edge of an Abyss,
a fierce Wind holding me there.

First I turn my back to it,
calling out for help,
but none can hear me in the gale.
Then I try to claw my way
away from the Cliff,
but to no avail.
I have no option
but to turn and face the Void...
...the Wind urges me.

What will I do now?
I have no options.
So I listen and wait.
Will I die if I Leap?
Will I fail?
Or will I Fly?
I must Release my Chains
and Step into the Unknown...
...an Act of Inner Trust.

All that was before
must die in the Leap,
so that I may meet my Destiny
as pure as a new born baby.

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MARTIN LASS - copyright 2002. All rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication, quoting, distribution (electronic or physical) is prohibited by law.