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Events and Issues Related to Chiron's Discovery

The Beatles

- Martin Lass © 2003

(This article follows on from "The Turmoil of the Sixties".)
The Beatles first single, "Love Me Do," was recorded in September 1962. (See Chart 1--BEATLES 1ST SINGLE.) Although the recording probably took a good part of the day (and remembering that the dynamic picture is more encompassing than a snapshot in time), we have arbitrarily taken midday for our chart analysis. Although some of the individual members of the Beatles had worked together before this, this recording was the significant point at which the Beatles' rise to fame began. The cultural and psychological effect of the phenomenon of The Beatles broke down old paradigms in music, in culture at large and in sociology. The Beatles became an icon for the youth of the day, giving them a focal point for the expression of that which was unspoken within them, i.e. their Chironic Wounds and issues, as illuminated primarily by Pluto in this case. 

Here is the extraordinary planetary pattern that started and defined the cultural revolution of the 1960s. Notice Chiron's placement with Jupiter at the root of the kite planetary pattern. 

Beatles record 1st single - Natal Chart

Sep 4 1962, 12:00 pm, BST -1:00 

Liverpool England, 53°N25', 002°W55' 

Geocentric Tropical Zodiac 

Koch Houses, True Node 


The conjunction of retrograde Chiron and Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th house sits simultaneously at the base of a kite and the focal point of a yod. The conjunction's placement indicates Wounds and issues of the repressed and forgotten Inner Child--in this case, the spiritual nature being victimized and disenfranchised by five hundred years of materialistic/mechanistic/scientific paradigms--being experienced in the 'family' of Humanity. This was holographically mirrored in the fact that these boys came from the disenfranchised and supposedly uneducated working class. These Wounds and issues (as well as attempts to escape from these Wounds and issues) became a public expression through the tip of the kite: a Sun/Pluto conjunction Uranus in Virgo in the 10th house. For the youth of the day, it all represented an unconscious urge to express and/or Heal these Wounds and give power back to our spiritual side. The seemingly misplaced cathartic reactions of teenagers at Beatles concerts now make much more sense when considered in this context. 

The conjunction of the Moon and Neptune in Scorpio in the 1st house (left arm of the kite) accounts for the charisma and the mysterious (and almost religious) attraction of the Beatles. Mars in Cancer in the 9th house (right arm of the kite) completes the grand water trine and adds motivation and action in the pursuit of a more spiritual approach to life. 

On top of this extraordinary kite/grand trine, we have a yod of North Node, Mercury and Chiron/Jupiter. The focal point of the yod is the Chiron/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, indicating that the destiny (North Node) and message (Mercury) of the cultural phenomenon was to give a new level of expression/understanding concerning the aforementioned Wounds and issues (Chiron and Jupiter). The outward expression of the Wounds, issues and the journey of their potential Healing is then focused through the 10th house planets, i.e. through the focal point of the kite pattern. The Beatles were destiny. All the ingredients were there. 

Finally, it is important to point out that this astrological milestone in the journey of the Beatles was not simply about the Beatles. Holographically, it was about Humanity as a whole. It mirrored the return swing of the pendulum from five hundred some years of a material-centric worldview to a more spiritual-centric worldview. Such was the birth of the so-called New Age. 

(This article is followed by "JFK".)

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