Personalized Astrology Reports

Offering an overview picture of you and your life.

(Includes interpretations of Chiron in your chart, Chiron being the planet of Wounding and Healing and the key that brings the rest of the chart alive.)

Your Personalized Astrology Report is just $12.95 AUD!

What will you get in your
Personalized Astrology Report?

Your Personalized Astrology Report includes:

  • Color printout of your astrology chart wheel
  • Covers all your planets in each sign (the colors and hues of you!)
  • Cover all your planets in each house (where in your life your planets play out), as well as the houses themselves (all areas of your life)
  • Covers all your planetary aspects (your personal and psychological make-up and dynamics)
  • Your life's path and direction (seen through the North Node of the Moon)
  • Your strong and weak points, gifts and talents, and challenges and lessons
  • Your lunar phase (your overall way of seeing and doing things)
  • General planetary definitions, e.g. what does the Sun or Moon mean in general in the astrology chart?
  • Sabian Symbols for each planet (used for more intuitive interpretations)
  • SPECIAL: Interpretations of Chiron in your chart (Chiron is the planet of Wounding and Healing), by Chiron specialist, Martin Lass
  • Main interpretations by Australian astrologer, Stephanie Johnson
  • General planetary definitions and Chiron interpretations by American/Australian astrologer, Martin Lass
  • Sabian Symbols by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones
  • Delivered as a PDF document in an email attachment (emailed).
    (PDF documents will open on most any computer, PC or Mac, and are completely safe as they cannot carry viruses.)

All this for just $12.95 AUD!

Your Report will be delivered by email attachment in less than 48 hours, usually less than 24 hours.

Check out an example Report here!
Martin Lass's Code of Ethics when doing astrology readings or reports

Special Bonus - Limited Time!
Order a Report now and get Martin's album, "Sonnet," FREE, as mp3 files that you can load straight into your iPod or play right from your computer! To listen to samples of this beautiful, healing music,

(After you place your astrology Report order, a download link to Martin's "Sonnet" album will be emailed to you.)

Personalized Astrology Report

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An Astrology Report compiles individual interpretations of the various aspects of your birth chart. It does not seek to integrate these individual interpretations. In a quality Report, though, the interpretations are written by a qualified professional astrologer.

An Astrology Reading takes these invididual interpretations and seeks to integrate them into a dynamic and living picture of you and your life. An Astrology Reading requires personalized service from a qualified professional astrologer and will cost considerably more than an Astrology Report.

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