Astrology Courses

Spiritual Astrology - The Living Planets and You!

A Certificate/Diploma Course in Spiritual Astrology
The Living Planets and You!

with Martin Lass

Year 1: Certificate of Spiritual Astrology
Year 2: Diploma of Spiritual Astrology

        • For spiritual development
          • Discover who you are
          • Reveal your life’s purpose
          • Open to higher energies, higher consciousness
          • Understand your life’s lessons and challenges
          • Heal your wounds, issues, and charges
          • Manifest your calling, your vocation, your service
        • For fun
          • Do astrology as the ultimately fulfilling hobby
          • Do readings for friends and family
          • Predict upcoming trends
          • Put on spiritual astrology parties
        • For love
          • Throw light on relationship dynamics
          • Discover your true soul mate
        • For education
          • Learn about the big picture of you, humanity, the planet, and the greater cosmos
          • Understand what 2012 means
        • For profit
          • Diploma level qualifies you to be a professional spiritual astrologer
          • Determine times of good fortune and times of caution
          • Make educated choices in your life
Enquiries and bookings:
Martin Lass (general): martin @ - Tel: 0432-917-925 (Australia)

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