Martin Lass

Astrologer, Author, Violinist, Composer

Born in 1958, MARTIN LASS is a professional musician (violinist and composer) and entertainer on the one side and a professional practising astrologer, healer, teacher, and author on the other side. His life—his quest, his calling—has been in the service of healing, evolution of consciousness, a return to Spirit, and unconditional love... to bring these to an ever-wider "audience" and in a ever-wider variety of forms, whether through music, writing, personal consultations, workshops and seminars, teaching, or simply by striving to personally live these ideals.

As a musician and entertainer, MARTIN LASS reached the pinnacle of success in Australia some years ago and has since set his sights on the United States as his next stage.  In Australia, he is well known, having appeared in every corner of Australia, on virtually every live television show and has 10 CD recordings to his name, including one Gold Album.  As a composer, he has been writing original music since the age of twelve and is now actively playing and promoting this new music in the United States. The project he is currently working on is a Broadway-style dance musical that revolves around the Great Story of our wounding and healing journey through the cosmos.

As an astrologer, MARTIN LASS has studied astrology since the age of twelve and has been a professional practising and consulting astrologer since the late 1980s.  He is well-known in the area of spiritual astrology across the globe.  His specialty for the last 14 years has been Chiron, Planet of Healing.  He is perhaps the world's leading authority on Chiron astrology.

As an astrological/new-age writer and author, MARTIN LASS has been a regular feature-article writer for "Well Being," "The Golden Age," and "Woman Spirit" magazines in the Asia-Pacfic region (Australia, in particular), as well as having written one-off feature articles for various other journals.  He has also written a number of books, many self-published in the USA and available on the Internet. In October, 2005, Llewellyn Publications picked up Martin's definitive book Chiron book, releasing it under the title, "Chiron - Healing Body and Soul."

As a healer and teacher, MARTIN LASS has been a consulting astrologer for many years, giving personal astrological counseling and healing to innumerable clients.  Much of the material in his Chiron book has been derived from these interactions.  He has given numerous seminars, workshops, and lectures in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Germany. He has been a regular presenter at the AFA's (American Federation of Astrologers) conventions in the USA.

As a metaphysician and student of the Mysteries, MARTIN LASS has studied far and wide.  Self-taught from the age of twelve in such diverse areas as astrology, mysticism, comparative religions, music, physics, sacred numbers, mythology, spiritualism, the occult, etcetera, Martin was a member of a Gurdjieff School (Newport, Australia) for 10 years, his own teacher having studied and worked under G. I. Gurdjieff.  Later, he became a Counselor of Wisdom in the Concourse School of Philosophy and Healing (Houston), becoming a certified practitioner of the "Demartini Method®" healing process (formerly known as the Quantum Collapse Process) as developed by Dr. John Demartini.

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