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Events and Issues Related to Chiron's Discovery

Martin Luther King Jnr.

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(This article follows on from "JFK".)
Civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jnr, brought the issue of racism, aforementioned, into significant focus in the 1960s(See CHART 1--MARTIN LUTHER KING JNR..)His natal chart shows a life's path of bringing the intangible (Scorpio South Node) into tangible manifestation (Taurus North Node). These Nodes also indicate that his lifetime lessons revolved around the issues of trust and openness. The trine of North Node and Capricorn Sun emphasizes King's practical nature, the ability to organize and manifest tangible results in the physical world and the potential to be recognized and respected for his life's achievements. The conjunction of Sun and IC indicates a deep connection with, and a subsequent expression of, his roots, background and history--personally and collectively. 

Another champion of the Woundedness of the collective consciousness, this time expressed through the theme of black civil rights. 

Martin Luther King - Natal Chart

Jan 15 1929, 0:00 am, CST +6:00 

Atlanta GA, 33°N45', 084°W23' 

Geocentric Tropical Zodiac 

Koch Houses, True Node 


Chiron and Jupiter are conjunct in Taurus in the 7th house, accentuating the Nodal issues of trust and openness. Chiron in Taurus indicates a Wound of loss of trust, faith and belief in all-encompassing love. This Wound is expressed through his personal relationships (7th house) and through the championing of social causes and moral values (of course!). Chiron's trine with Neptune in Virgo in the 11th house further indicates the connection with the Healing of old Wounds of a collective nature. In King's case, these were the Wounds of the African American people. This trine, combined with the square of Neptune and the Nodes, indicates that the Healing of these Wounds and the fulfillment of King's life's path are dependent upon an opening to higher influences: they are dependent acknowledging that the driving force behind all life--without exception--is all-encompassing love. 

In the assassination chart (See CHART 2--MARTIN LUTHER KING JNR. KILLED), we see the Sun and Saturn exactly conjunct in Aries with the North Node just over 3 degrees away, also in Aries. This represents the checkmating of the individual, so to speak. It poses the question: is it sufficient to put all our trust, faith and belief in others? Surely, as a balance, we must also develop a strong sense of our own individuality. We must cultivate self-reliance and self-motivation. Both sides of the question are necessary, i.e. dependence and independence. History teaches us that when we put too much of our lives into the hands of another, we are eventually bound to have the rug pulled out from under us. Conversely, when we try to be entirely independent, relying on no one and no thing, eventually we must be brought into a position where outside help is required. Such is the implicate order and balance of the cosmos. 


N.B. Chart drawn based on time of shooting. Time of death was officially quoted as 7:05pm CST.

Again, the Wounds of the collective consciousness are brought into question. 

Martin Luther King killed - Natal Chart

Apr 4 1968, 6:00 pm, CST +6:00 

Memphis TN USA, 35°N08', 090°W03' 

Geocentric Tropical Zodiac 

Koch Houses, True Node 


Certainly, this was the case with the assassination of Martin Luther King Jnr. The unexpected and sudden death of King (Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, Pluto in the 12th house of the secret enemies) gave an unexpected and difficult twist to his message (Uranus and Pluto in Virgo opposing Venus and Mercury in Pisces), his message being freedom from oppression, injustice and victimization. Chiron, in the 1st degree of Aries in the 6th house, contra-paralleling the occultation of Mercury and Venus, emphasizes the Wounds of a self in need of Healing, expressed through the struggle with the mirror-reflection of outside oppressors. In the end, though, who are the real oppressors, victimizers and the unjust? The Chiron Paradigm says that they are our polarized personas--our beliefs, stances, judgments, blame, lies and illusions, etcetera--projected upon the external world. As we dissolve these, so we Heal and so our self-worth grows. Conversely, as we Heal, our self-worth growing as a result, so our judgments and blame dissolve. Such was the inner meaning behind King's outer crusade. Chiron squaring the Moon in Cancer (a perceived lack of support, nurturing, caring and motherly championing of our causes) again raises and further accentuates the issue of dependence versus independence. 

The poignant trining of Mercury/Venus in Pisces and retrograde Neptune in Scorpio in the 2nd house and their quincunx/square aspects to retrograde Jupiter in Leo in the 11th leaves the door open for a return to the acknowledgment of, and trust in, spirit. The doorway to spirit lies within, accessed through the Inner Child. In summary, the message of the whole incident was, as always: "look within."

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