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Events and Issues Related to Chiron's Discovery


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(This article follows on from "The Beatles".)
Very few events had as devastating and poignant an effect on people during the 1960s as the rise and fall of John F. Kennedy. Just into the new century, over 30 years later, we are still somewhat obsessed with the whole saga. It has been kept alive by the ongoing misfortunes and deaths of the other Kennedy family members. Was the allure and the magnitude of the whole series of events a case of JFK's own personal energy, charisma and influence? Or was it that he was merely the outward manifestation of the underlying planetary influences of the time? Personally, I think it was a combination of both. 
Looking at JFK's natal chart (See CHART 1--JOHN F KENNEDY), we see very strong earth influence with a triple conjunction of Taurean planets--Mars (7th house), Mercury and Jupiter (8th house)--trining Virgo Moon (11th house). The 8th house, sharing not only Mercury and Jupiter, but also Sun and Venus (in Gemini), seems to augur an emphasis on collective ownership of material and spiritual resources. However, the square of Uranus retrograde in Aquarius with the 7th and 8th house Taurean planets appears to make unexpected obstacles to the expression of this potential. His life's path North Node in Capricorn suggests a lifetime of learning how to look after others whilst taking responsibility for his own life. The 3rd house placement of this Node indicates his path as a communicator above all else. The presence of Pluto in the 9th house with the South Node, however, particularly as it squares Chiron, indicates old Wounds and issues coming back to haunt in dramatic and violent ways. 

Kennedy was an icon of the 1960s and a hero of the USA as a nation. Notice Chiron's placement and its indication of charisma and empathy. Kennedy represented and championed the Woundedness of the collective consciousness. 

John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Natal Chart

May 29 1917, 3:00 pm, +5:00 

Brookline Massachusetts, 42°N19'54'', 071°W07'18'' 

Geocentric Tropical Zodiac 

Koch Houses, True Node 


The most important planets, however, in relation to his charisma and public appeal, and ones that played a key role in the drama of the surrounding events and issues of the whole JFKsaga, are Saturn, Neptune and Chiron. Saturn and Neptune are conjunct in the 10th house, straddling the cusp of Leo and Cancer. They trine Chiron in Pisces in the 6th house. Neptune offers a charismatic and indefinable air of mystery to his public persona, whereas Saturn speaks of responsibility, practicality and ability to lead. Chiron in Pisces--the Wounds of loss of faith in a Divine Plan and of feelings of victimization, injustice, disenfranchisement and inequities--sits in the 6th house of potential Healing. This Wound motivates us to either succumb to the forces that be, as a victim, or to try to organize our lives in such a way as to maintain control of external circumstances. However, overemphasis on trying to control everything in our lives inevitably leads to our being shown in no uncertain terms that we cannot control everything. The universe has other plans--plans that are often initially hidden to our unseeing eyes. Despite our efforts to hide from or disguise our Wounds, they are worn clearly upon our countenance, felt rather than logically understood. Herein lies the attraction that people felt to JFK. 

The trine of Chiron and Saturn/Neptune accentuates the air of mystery by displaying a vulnerability that others find attractive, as it mirrors their own hidden and unexpressed vulnerability and sensitivity. This aspect says, "Together we can Heal, together we can do it, together we have strength to conquer all Wounds, to move through all issues, to resolve all differences." This is, of course, the truth. However, the practical and material manifestation of this truth may not be what we expect if viewed from our lopsided standpoints and blinkered paradigms. 

The square of Chiron and Pluto intimates that the Healing of our Wounds and issues can only be accomplished by radical and violent change. It even goes so far as to say that the ultimate Healing will only take place much later, when the form of JFKis dissolved and his essence is merged with the collective consciousness. In short, as long as we infatuate a person or icon, we fail to see how they were but a symbol of collective Wounds and issues. This has certainly been the case since JFK's death. 

Looking at the election chart (See CHART 2--JFKELECTED), ignoring the house placements, we see the familiar Chiron/Uranus opposition. The Scorpio planets--Sun, Mercury and Neptune--imbue the event with intensity, focus and allure. The opposition/trine/sextile pattern of the Nodes and Scorpio Mercury brings together destiny and an important message. The conjunction of the North Node and Pluto in Virgo trining Saturn in Capricorn is also indicative of the power of this event, but represents a double-edged sword due to its unparalleled power. The issues of Wounding and Healing come through in the Virgo and Pisces placements of the North Node/Pluto and the South Node, respectively. 


Destiny at work. 

Kennedy elected - Natal Chart

Nov 9 1960, 6:00 pm, EST +5:00 

Washington, 38°N51', 077°W02' 

Geocentric Tropical Zodiac 

Koch Houses, True Node 


The transits of the election chart to the natal chart have the Moon in Leo transiting JFK's Saturn and Neptune in the 10th house, setting off the natal trine with Chiron. Here, we have emotional attachment to the power, allure, magic and mystery of public office. Personally, JFK was experiencing the major transit of Uranus opposition natal Uranus (half-Return), a time of major activation and awakening to a higher purpose in life. There was a sense of destiny and purpose. The way this destiny and purpose were carried out is not so obvious if we erroneously think that JFK's death was the death of that purpose. 

Looking at the assassination chart (See CHART 3--JFKASSASSINATED), we again see Chiron opposing Uranus. However, this time it is sandwiched between the sextiles of a yodformation of Uranus, Jupiter and the Moon, with Uranus at the focal point. This is further complicated by another yod of Uranus, North Node and the Moon, this time with the Moon as a focal point. Saturn conjuncts the Ascendant, with Chiron in Pisces in the 1st house. The Sun sits on the Midheaven in the final anareticdegree of Scorpio. 


N.B. Time of assassination is quoted in The New York Times as 12:30pm CST. The time of death is disputed. However, the bullet went right through the skull, so it is presumed that death was instantaneous. 

Kennedy assassination - Natal Chart

Nov 22 1963, 12:30 pm, CST +6:00 

Dallas, 32°N58', 096°W50' 

Geocentric Tropical Zodiac 

Koch Houses, True Node 


Many complicated influences prevailed at this moment in time, some more obvious than others were. For example, the focal point of Saturn on the Ascendant, combined with Chiron in the 1st house and the Moon in the 12th, indicates the Wounds of the physical/emotional body, cut off from its earthy origins (Aquarius Ascendant, Moon and Saturn) and the Wounds of the higher Self, cut off from its divine origins (Chiron in Pisces). The Sun in Scorpio (death) on the Midheaven (public spectacle) shines a spotlight on the moment. The North Node in Cancer suggests that sometimes we need to relinquish our need for control (South Node in Capricorn) and acquiesce to the Guiding Hand of the universe. If we continue to live without faith in the universe (Chiron had returned to JFK's natal sign of Pisces), the universe must ultimately bring us to our knees. The lesson is humility. The aim is to re-open our spiritual hearts to the messages of spirit. For the public, it was a lesson in the dangers of infatuation, as we shall see momentarily. 

The astrological feature that brings the whole assassination chart alive, summing up the essential message of the whole JFKsaga, is the placement of the Nodes in relation to JFK's natal chart. The transiting Nodes, in Capricorn and Cancer, are in exact opposition to the natal Nodes. Destiny asked us, "Who will look after you now?" Placing so much faith, trust and responsibility for our lives into the hands of another is ultimately unbalanced and unhealthy. We also need to look within for the support, caring, nurturing and protection we desire. Simultaneously and paradoxically, we need to place our lives into the hands of an even higher power, freeing ourselves from the illusory icon of a man who promised us our security, safety and future on a silver platter. To be inspired by another is one thing. To give away our own self-determination and inner inspiration is quite another. The death of JFK required us to reassess our own role in our lives. It required us to take back responsibility, not only for the practical aspects of our collective lives, but also for the spiritual aspects of our personal lives. 

Furthermore, Chiron in Pisces trining and sextiling the Nodes, both at the time and in transit to Kennedy's natal Nodes, brings the Wounds into sharp relief. The personal issues of JFK reflected the collective issues of the times: in a world gone seemingly mad, who or what could we put our trust and faith in? The Wound of loss of faith in the divine (Chiron in Pisces) was illuminated by the Chironic aspects of the time, particularly those involving Uranus and Pluto. The Healing journey necessarily entails the ultimate reconnection to our own inner divinity as a beacon and guiding force in our lives, personally and collectively. If we have our spiritual currency invested in another person, we have little left for inner work. From this point of view, due to the nature of the awakening influences of Chiron during these years, it was almost inevitable that the icon of JFK be kicked out from under our feet. Although the world--and particularly America--lost much by his death, we also gained: his death caused us to introspect even more deeply than we would have otherwise been inclined. 

(This article is followed by "Martin Luther King Jnr.".)

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