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    Astrology Readings | Astrology Reports | Chiron Astrology

    Get FREE and immediate access to information about your Life's Path sign, your Chiron sign, and more! (Chiron is the planet of Wounding and Healing.)

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    The planets are alive and, taken
          together, are a perfect hologram
               of each one of us and our lives.

                   We each have all the planets
                     inside us, in microcosm.
                       The inner and the outer are
                        connected, as are the terres-
                         trial and the celestial.
                          As above, so below...

                          As we look into the skies,
                          so we are looking into our-
                        selves - into our deepest Self...
                      ...into our wishes, longings,
                    dreams, potential, and destiny.

            In this lies the true basis of
    astrology and astrology practices.

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